These Strategies Could Help Your Business Reach Great Heights

The world of media, television and commercial ads can be exciting. Ever wondered why do we have commercial ads? Why are these ads created? What is the primary purpose of advertising a product or a service through commercial ads? Let’s find out more about the world of media today!

Marketing and advertising is the crucial point of a successful business venture. Marketing is done in several different ways. Every business plans to advertise and market its products and services in the best possible way, depending on what product or service they offer to the public. Many business people prefer promoting their businesses on posters and banners placed in busy streets, commercial ads telecasted on the television on channels most watched by the public, distributing flyers and brochures amongst the targeted customers, etc. 

The most effective way to market and advertise a business is by telecasting its commercial ad on television and big screens across the city. Numerous companies also use commercial jingles to make their products or services more catchy for the targeted audience. Have you ever heard about “commercial jingles”? Keep reading to find more about these jingles and their role in advertising businesses!

Commercial jingles are very easy to keep in mind as a memory compared to a commercial TV ad. Television ads are also used for advertising products and are very effective, but when compared to memory retention, commercial jingles are much better. They are short, crispy, and attractive to the targeted audience. An excellent commercial jingle grabs the viewer’s attention by providing quality and the needed information in a matter of a few seconds and in a super creative way. Hence, making the brand name memorable forever with many views and shares. If you ever notice, you may find yourself singing a catchy commercial jingle that you must have watched every day on television during ads, and that is proof that you have been trapped in the “commercial jingle effect.” 

Having a jingle is far beyond just advertising or conveying a single message. The jingles leave an aftereffect on its viewers, and the viewers tend to sing the jingle repeatedly, which is also known as the viewer’s “inner voice.” A commercial jingle is also called a musical logo. Some of the most frequently and commonly asked questions are listed below:

What is a commercial jingle?

A commercial jingle is a small song or melody written to specify a particular product and brand. Commercial jingles are written to make a specific service and brand memorable. The jingle created should be catchy enough for the targeted audience to remember forever. These jingles were first introduced in the early 1920s as small musical songs. Many famous songwriters and jingle writers penned down several commercial jingles, aired globally, and were liked by everyone.

Who are jingle writers?

Jingle writers help big businesses and companies advertise their products, services, and brand name. The job of a jingle writer is to create and make catchy commercial jingles for companies that are memorable and has good tunes. They write, arrange, compose, and record these songs if necessary. Jingle writers are usually very creative and innovative and can write songs.

What benefits can a jingle bring to a business?

The history of commercial jingles has proven that these jingles are ideal and can do wonders for different and all kinds of businesses. These jingles can bring a dying company to life. They are so catchy and can attract the targeted audience in the best possible way. It is one of the best advertising methods, making it super interesting for the targeted audience. Jingles are short songs that are easy for the public to remember as music, and songs are a big memory trigger for humans. It all depends on how well a jingle is written. It can keep playing on repeat in the customer’s head if written well enough. A commercial jingle has the power to turn your business into a “brand name” that can be remembered forever!

Why are commercial jingles so catchy for the targeted audience/customers?

A commercial jingle is a melody or a nursery rhyme that makes it attractive to customers or audiences. Hence, it is very easy for the customers to remember the “slogan” or the “tagline” of the particular business. Also, it is a great way to market a product and a particular brand. The songwriters used to write the most appropriate jingle depending upon the business and give the copyrights to the jingle composers and not directly to the manufactures or the owner of the companies.

Some of the most common and the most famous commercial jingles which are still very much into the market are:

  • McDonald’s – I’m lovin’ it
  • Subway – Five Dollar Foot Long
  • Kitkat – Give me a break
  • Lucky Charms – They’re magically delicious
  • Huggies – I’m a big kid now

An excellent commercial jingle has the power to get stuck in the viewer’s head for years. It is forever remembered, especially by the youngsters. 

How can I increase my brand’s name and recognition?

A brand’s name and recognition can be simply increased by creating a commercial jingle for that specific brand. Jingles are played on repeat, and hearing something repeatedly can get stuck in one’s head quickly; and hence, jingles serve as an earbud. Also, commercial jingles are much more cost-effective when compared to any other forms of marketing and advertising strategies.

What is the average time duration of a commercial jingle?

A commercial jingle is usually short and crispy. However, it greatly varies from company to company. It also depends on the product or the service for which the jingle has been created. An excellent commercial jingle goes from 10-60 seconds. The most common spot is being around 15-30 seconds on average.

In short, commercial jingles are forever remembered as they are created in catchy songs. Also, jingles are timeless, creative, and memorable. The jingles that were made in the early times are still remembered by many. 

As said by the famous Jessica Long, The San Diego Business Journal

“Some say the jingle’s a classic not to be messed with, while others are eager to usher in new and improved ones for the 21st century that sounds more like Top 40 hits than commercials.”

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