“They Took EVERYTHING!” Kanye West Reacts To Losing Everything

I want to talk about the Jewish comic it’s actually proven the exact point that I made so many actors have been bullied kind of kind of scene so even got people like Ari Emmanuel asking people to not do business with that’s how this town has been running so so long they’ll mute you it’s not that anyone’s afraid they’re afraid of us not being afraid and we’re not afraid anymore they can’t use all the tactics I’m talking about my life was threatened to have a political opinion Kanye West is no longer a billionaire yep you heard right Kanye West lost everything including his money in under two weeks after his anti-black and anti-semitic remarks the a rapper has been locked in an online War for wearing the shirt with the inscription White lives matter and he’s eventually lost all he has to it do you think he’ll recover from this let’s get right into it the a rapper Kanye West has recently lost his talent management deals with significant design businesses and contacts in the music industry yay believed he was invulnerable because he has been working with Adidas since 2013 on his wildly successful and extremely costly Yeezy shoe line after all according to investment firm Cohen Yeezy products account for four percent to eight percent of Adidas’s total sales it was much more sick significant for yay because it contributed 1.5 billion dollars to his personal worth and he felt nothing could affect it until things took a turn for the worst last week when Adidas talked about cutting off their partnership with him Kanye West garnered attention online on Monday the 3rd of October before he unveiled his Yeezy season 9 collection at a surprise Paris fashion week event he was spotted wearing a long-sleeve shirt with a phrase White lives Matter written across the back the conservative commentator Candice Owens and the rapper turned designer were also seen wearing shirts with a slogan on them his actions since then have sparked a lot of online controversy why he wore the shirt bearing such an inscription has drawn much attention everyone is aware that white supremacist and Neo-Nazi groups have been using the racist phrase White lives matter as a response to the black lives matter movement for years and having a black man join this has brought a lot of questions so many celebrities and fans quickly voice their disapproval of yea’s attire and his careless Choice except for the company he partners with with well the silence is over as Adidas didn’t just talk about it but took an action that will cost Kanye West everything he had earlier this month on the drink Champs podcast Kanye expressed himself on why he took sides with a white lives matter movement however our Gay’s remarks put the German Athletic Apparel company which has Nazi connections that date back to its founding on the defensive as a series of anti-Semitic comments received outrage from the highest echelons of Hollywood the pressure on Adidas to cut ties with him increased Adidas remained silent for several weeks until announcing on October 6 that their relationship with yay was under review Adidas became more scrutinized after a photo of a banner that said Kanye was right about the Jews and a group of white nationalists giving the Nazi salute to oncoming traffic was published over the weekend the deathcon 3 on Jewish people’s statement that had yay’s Twitter account logged other anti-semitic comments that got embarred on Instagram and a chorus of tens of thousands of social media users calling for Adidas to also drop yay appear to be what the white nationalists were alluding to following the relationship review by Adidas the company officially broke its silence and dissolved the relationship on Tuesday October 25th in case you don’t know this action will cost them a lot but yay will suffer considerably more as it immediately removes him from the billionaires Club the company declared in a press release Adidas does not tolerate anti-Semitism and any other sort of hate speech yay’s recent comments and actions have been unacceptable hateful and dangerous and they violate the company’s values of diversity and inclusion mutual respect and fairness the company went further after a thorough review the company has decided to terminate the partnership with yay immediately and production of Yeezy branded products in-stop all payments to yay and his companies Adidas will stop the Adidas Yeezy business with immediate effect with all that you will agree that yay is no longer a billionaire this new development will bring an end to one of the brazenness and most volatile individuals to ever appear on Forbes pages with a shocking self-inflicted downfall although yay did not reply when contacted for comment this is no doubt a great loss to him the Adidas deals 1.5 billion dollar value was determined using a multiple of yearly earnings and according to analysis of Industry experts interviews the royalties EA received from Adidas were comparable to earnings from movies or music albums now that Adidas is off yay would be worth 400 million dollars without it also yay has been excluded from Forbes list of billionaires looking at Kanye West’s lifestyle you will agree that yays always believed his wealth was understated sometime in 2020 when he first appeared on the list with an estimated one billion dollar Fortune he wasn’t pleased with it at all at that moment there was a report that he reached out to Forbes via a text that read its not a billion since no one at Forbes understands how to count that is 3.3 billion what will happen now that it’s no longer a billion every year yay complained about the poor financial reports published in his name into a avoid that he submitted paperwork at a time alleging that the value of his Adidas Alliance alone was 4.3 billion dollars for 2022’s estimate and after all he was dissatisfied when he saw that his total earnings would be 2 billion dollars and the tabloids picked up on this well since yea’s anti-semitic Outburst started Adidas’s stock price has sharply Fallen right after Adidas’s new decision yay was also dropped by talent agency CAA where he was signed in the production company MRC announced that it will not screen a finished documentary on him and no longer has his contract by the time their Yeezy collaboration was revealed the two had already been working together since 2013. and since then yay has experienced a never-ending fight with Taylor Swift Universal music group and most recently on social media with Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend SNL Alum Pete Davidson prior to this comment Kanye had been locked in an online battle with Jaden Smith karifa Johnson vogue’s global fashion editor and other celebrities while Jaden poured out his feelings in a series of tweets where he wrote true leaders lead I don’t care who it is if I don’t feel the message I’m out black lives matter we demand a more Progressive future karifa Johnson evokes global fashion editor also expressed her opinions on a show upon its conclusion noting that the t-shirts this man conceived produced and shared with the world or pure violence and there is no excuse there is no art here however Kanye West immediately responded to her by posting a full body photo of karifa Johnson taken during Paris Fashion Week wearing a long brown trench coat striped knit shirt yellow graphic t-shirt and lace-up round boots with a blue Balenciaga handbag in his caption he wrote this is not a fashion person come on Kanye he then went ahead to post a shot where he zoomed in on the boots and wrote I know Anna hates These Boots although both posts have now been deleted the controversy still rages on following the entire internet Saga he spoke about his conversation on social media with Vogue editor Gabrielle Johnson who criticized the shirt after that West attacked the editor saying things like Vogue editor-in-chief in a winter would not appreciate karifa’s Footwear which led Gigi Hadid to call him a bully however the outlet supported and backed Gabriella karifa Johnson in an Instagram post on Tuesday 4th of October the post read Vogue stands with Gabriella karifa Johnson our global fashion editor at large and long time contributor the magazine also posted she was personally targeted and bullied it is unacceptable now more than ever voices like hers are needed and in a private meeting with yay today she once again spoke her truth in a way she felt best on her terms however it turns out that the day after yay’s gig the rapper in the fashion editor met in New York in a post on Instagram supporting its editor at large Vogue magazine acknowledged that the meeting actually took place yay later tweeted a photo that karifa Johnson had shared on her own Instagram feed in all caps on that same Tuesday as he went ahead to write gab is my sister I’m not letting people will go to bed thinking I didn’t meet with Gabrielle at 5 pm today for two hours then we went to dinner at fruity restaurant in New York City the family of George Floyd also revealed plans to sue Kanye West following comments he had made others criticized Kanye for intimidating his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend comedian Pete Davidson Kanye West is really Under Fire for wearing t-shirts with a slogan White lives matter during Paris Fashion Week although Kanye West is no stranger to controversy it seems he’s lost all hope the path is now at an end as the a rapper has lost a fortune from the Partnerships cut off from him and is being banned from Twitter and Instagram there could be a chance yay could relaunch easy on his own that’s all for today’s video guys but before we end do you think Kanye West will be able to come through this is there still hope for his fashion brand let us know what you think in the comments section below and to find out you haven’t ensure you subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss any new updates from us on your favorite celebrities

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