Tips and Tricks to Become a Better Android Developer

The process of becoming an Android developer is simple but becoming a skilled Android developer and standing out from others is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication, hard work, determination, and perseverance to be successful at what you do. 

To assist you in your journey to becoming a better Android developer, we’ve compiled some of the best pro tips that have been learned from experienced developers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve chosen the field of Android app development or you work as an Android developer, the tips below will help everyone.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Skilled Android Developer

While you think about your “Next Big Thing”, we have compiled a list of top Android app development tips for you to consider. This will help you to achieve a flawless experience.

Follow The Trend But Always Think Unique

It is essential to be aware of the Android mobile app development trend that is currently going. However, remember that many people follow the pattern also. Therefore, you must think outside the box on ways to make your app appealing. It is a crucial trick to improve the interaction with your app’s users. 

To keep up with the current trends by checking out apps already featured in the play store. Conduct some research on the Play Store, pick some apps that are selected as Editors or top Android developers pick, and then install these apps onto the Android phone. 

Analyze the apps and pay careful attention to what they share. Also check the appearance, function, and all the other aspects that make them stand out from other apps within the same category.

Don’t Fear of Missing Out

Android is a big domain. It isn’t possible to master it from beginning to end in just one month. If you’re a beginner, it is quite normal to worry about not getting the most important information in the process of building things. But in a state of confusion, you can work to eliminate it. Start with the basic Android application development concepts and gradually increase your understanding of it.

Give Priority to Security

In this age of the internet, security is the most crucial part. No matter whether it’s an internet-based website or an Android application, if there’s no guarantee of security, then it is not worth the app. When you are creating your Android app development, be sure that your user’s information is secure and safe when they use your application. Be aware of hackers on the market and examine for solutions to all problems they can cause.

Focus on Reading More Codes

The majority of top Android developers don’t have the time to read the work of other developers. They mostly spend their time writing about what they already are aware of. But that isn’t going to assist you in becoming an expert Android developer. The only way to become a proficient developer is to learn the great code of proficient developers.

As you study, you learn more. If you’re working on something, it’s possible to create everything by yourself. If you do start studying other codes this can help you expand your level of vision. It could also lead to some fresh ideas.

Learn AI, AR, and VR

Learning these new technologies will keep you ahead of the Android mobile app development trends and curve. With the advent of Google Duplex and ARCore, numerous users are excited about using Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. In order to stay in the game, it’s time to invest in studying these.


Google’s Flutter is a cross-platform SDK that you can use with iOS, Linux, Android, Windows, Google Fuchsia, Mac, and web. Flutter isn’t just another platform, but it is written in Dart, the programming language. 

Dart is an AOT (Ahead of Time) designed, compiled, and client-optimized programming language that helps to create applications that work with many IoT devices. Making early progress within Flutter and Dart can help the goal of an Android developer of creating future-proof mobile apps.

Test Your Creation

Before releasing your product you should ensure that it runs on the smartphone effectively and efficiently. Also observe whether it will be a hit with the users. The most important thing is to support low-end phones and screens with smaller sizes. This means that in emerging markets, most devices have small screens. 

Hence, an Android developer must improve the user interface by testing it on a variety of screens. Also, you should make your app compatible with devices that are low-end, have low memory, weak processing power, and resolution.  

Run Two Versions of Android Studio

Always ensure you have an updated version of Android Studio to do all the essential tasks you have to accomplish every day. Also, consider having a beta, or canary version of Android Studio installed. There are many innovative and new features that you can add to these early builds. So try to explore this aspect as well.

Learn UI/UX Design

What is the most important factor that makes an app user-friendly? It is its design and UI/UX. An Android developer can restrict himself to only coding or can be involved actively in designing as well. It will help you understand how some code makes users feel about the app.

Create a Suitable Automated Release Mechanism

As an Android developer try to cut down as much time as you can on tasks that can be automated. For example, app quality check or release.

You must automate the quality checking method using tools such as PMD, CheckStyle, Lint, and FindBugs. Conducting all tests for instrumentation and unit before merging any major changes is essential as well.

When all these tests are successful, you will receive the green light to publish your APK on the Play Store or distribute it in any other manner you’d like.

TIP: Think about automating your Play Store publishing process with these open-source tools.

Observe The Feedback

It is important to observe the comments that users leave on your app. It helps you analyze the good and bad aspects of your app. A very essential thing to do is to maintain your app frequently. 

Keep your app up-to-date. Find out what issues users have in your app and offer users solutions with regular updates. This way, the next time, you are able to provide the best Android application development experience to your customers.

Some Last Words

Once you’ve learned these suggestions and tricks, you’re now ready to put them into practice. We hope that these tips will assist you in becoming a successful Android developer.

Author’s Bio

Erma Winter is an expert app developer at MobileCoderz, an established Android application development company. With more than 12 years of professional expertise, She has worked with new startups and big businesses. Apart from the professional experience, she teaches in an NGO and finances poor students. 

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