Top 5 Indian school fees by grades in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. It is home to people from multiple cultural backgrounds who settle here with their families. You can find a large population of Indian expats in Abu Dhabi, and their prime concern is education for their children. They want a school in Abu Dhabi that teaches Indian values to their kids and fits their budget. It gets challenging to find such schools as education expenses in UAE is a little on the higher side. However, with time, many Indian schools opened up in the city. The options were so many that parents started getting confused about the best option. 

Top 5 Indian schools in Abu Dhabi with the fee

We have listed the top 5 Indian schools in Abu Dhabi with their fee structure to ease the search game. You can choose any of these options, and rest assured that your child is in safe hands. 

The Global Indian International School Abu Dhabi

GIIS Abu Dhabi is a popular name in the educational industry. The school has multiple campuses in different countries, giving children a chance to explore the global community. GIIS campus in Abu Dhabi is one of their best schools, with state-of-the-art amenities. They focus on infusing the values of both countries into children. It helps them stay connected with their roots and fit in the country where they are living. If you check the academic records of the school, you will not look further. 

Fee: The fee structure of the school varies with grades. The structure is as follows:

KG1 & KG2 – AED 10,600

Grade 1 to Grade 10 – AED 10, 900

Grade 11 and Grade 12 – AED 12,500

Gems United Indian School

GEMS United follows a value-added learning approach and is known as one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi. They focus on the overall development of every child, motivating them to explore their potential in every aspect of learning. Furthermore, it emphasizes skill-building, which is the need of the hour and the prime requirement of every student. 

Fee: The grade-wise fee structure of the schools is as follows:

KG1 & KG2 – AED 9500

Grade1 to Grade10 – AED 10,000

Grade 11 to Grade12- AED 19,000

Abu Dhabi Indian School

It is a famous private Indian school Abu Dhabi for the full-time education of children from Grade KG1 to 12th. They have CBSE affiliation, and the approach is also apt with the international competition students face after school. The best part is that it has nominal Abu Dhabi Indian school fees

Fee: The grade-wise fee structure is as follows:

KG1 & KG2 – AED 6350 

Grade 1 to Grade 10 – AED 10000 

Grade 11 to Grade 12 – AED 12, 800 

Sunrise English School

Another renowned name and best choice amongst parents is Sunrise English School. They are known to provide premium quality education to children, with all the facilities they need to become future-ready. In addition, they give language options to students and allow them to learn French, Hindi, or Arabic. So, if you are an expat Indian in Abu Dhabi, Sunrise has got you covered!

Fee: The grade-wise fee structure is as follows:

KG1 & KG1 – AED 7800

Grade1 to Grade10 – AED 9000

Grade11 to Grade12 – AED 12000

Model School Abu Dhabi

Model School has over five thousand students enrolled with them. Their premises are nurturing and equipped with modern technology. Moreover, their safety programs are also in place, ensuring that you can send your child to school every day without any worry! Their focus on quality learning is evident from their excellent academic records over the years.

Fee: The grade-wise Abu Dhabi Indian school fees is as follows:

KG1 & KG2 – AED 4600

Grade1 to Grade10 – AED 4900

Grade11 to Grade12 – AED 6500 

Even though there are many other school options, choosing one from this list is fruitful. You can further narrow the choices based on location and your specific requirements. Furthermore, visit the campus before final enrollment to ensure that it has everything you need to design an excellent future for your child. Make wise decisions, and the results will reflect on your child’s career.

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