Top 5 Off-To-College Checklists Before Moving To College

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Moving to college is a life-changing experience. Everyone becomes a better version of themselves. College life has hilarious memories. Before you move to college to make those memories, you must have the necessary items with you.

The Ultimate College Packing List prepares you for the next flight to your college. It lists all the items you will need while on campus. It is wise to make a checklist beforehand, so you will be okay with it after arriving at the campus. A well-planned checklist is a prerequisite to making your dorm a second home.


Necessary Documents

Documents are the most crucial things for new enrollment and traveling. Pack your necessary documents and keep them safe with you while you travel. It includes:

  • Student ID card
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Health insurance card
  • Social security card
  • Debit and credit card

Everything must be kept in your backpack, so you don’t leave or drop it somewhere.


Bedding/linen supply

You will miss the bed most after food when away from home. The habit of sleeping in your bed for so many years can be hard to get over. It is best to pack a set of sheets, two pillows, a comforter, and your favorite blanket for winter.

Confirm the bed measurement from college beforehand, and take a mattress topper with you for extra comfort. You can pack a bedside shelf for books and a clip-on lamp for reading at night.


Toiletries for personal care

Who wants to share their soap or toothbrush? It is the most unclean thing to do. It is advisable to keep your bath towels, hand towels, bathrobe, oral hygiene kit, shampoos, and conditioners. You may not find the brand of shampoo or toothpaste near your college; pack them before leaving.


Health and beauty products

As weather changes from one place to another, you may suffer to adjust to the new climatic conditions. To be safe, do carry your cold medicine and ibuprofen for temperatures. For accidents or minor injuries, keep a first aid kit. Many of you may catch an allergy or may be allergic to something; don’t forget to take your medication.

For girls, beauty products are a must on their checklist. It enlists hair dryers, your favorite perfume, skincare products, combs, sunscreen, and hair ties.



It tops the Ultimate College Packing List according to its usage. You cannot wear borrowed clothes to your class or for special college events. There is a long list of clothes that one must carry to college for various activities throughout the day.

The list includes jeans, pajamas, underwear, tops, swimsuits, boots, heels, sportswear, dresses, sweaters, house slippers, handbags, and so on. To complete your clothing, you must have a good pair of sneakers, sandals, hats, and scarves.



College life changes your fashion sense and keeps you active and agile throughout the day. One learns to be patient, meet new deadlines, and be more rational and organized.

The process begins with packing at home. It is best to pack term by term so that nothing is left behind. Pack items based on your requirements and availability at the campus for convenience. You can always alter the list as per your needs for a comfortable stay in the college. For long-term stay, keep electronics with you, like laptop batteries, portable chargers, and extension cords.


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