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Top 7 Free Study Apps for Students | Education Tips For Students

We all agree that apps are a great way to learn. They are interesting, interactive, entertaining, and personal. But there are so many apps on the play store and we don’t want to clutter our phones with unnecessary downloads. So after boundless research, we are here to with the best study and Thesis writing service websites for students. We downloaded these apps and use them for months before finalizing our list that we believe every student must use for their academic period.

Top 10 Free Study Apps For Students (Not Sponsored) | Study Tips By Chetna – ChetChat

 Microsoft Math Solver

This is the perfect math app . This app more than 5 million downloads and it is rated at an average of 4.6 on the play store. The app is not only 100% free, but also it is free from all ads. So no problem if you have a math problem. This app has 3 basic options, you can scan your question, you can even write your question on your screen, or you can even type your question with a scientific calculator in it, Moreover, you can take 30 min tutoring class from top assignment writers uk. 


It is very interesting and gives you all the formulas like math, physics, and chemistry. You will get all the formulas and concepts. The interesting part is that you can even have a conversation table in it so you can convert your value from one unit to another. The app is more than 500k downloads and has an average rating of 4.7. 

Different free app of studies for students.
Study app

Khan Academy 

It’s our all-time favorite the “Khan academy”. Khan academy provides world-class content on school education for the longest time with the same amazing quality all for free. For instance, if you want to prepare for PHd dissertation help or your math test, they can deliver a wide range of mock tests for you to prepare best among all. They have more than 10M downloads in the play sore and have an average rating of 4.4.

BBC English Learning

The apps have more than 5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4. The app is super catchy and fun to learn. What makes it interesting is that, when you open the app it gives you a huge list of different topics to learn English from essay writing experts. Like business English, English language, pronunciation of English language and vocabulary, etc. The best thing is that you don’t need to pay a penny for it. So mesmerize the world with your English skills by just sitting at your home. 


Mimo is the perfect partner for learning different computer languages, for basics and intermediate level and if you don’t have any primary knowledge about coding, then don’t be upset, mimo does it for you. When you click an option you can get different languages, for instance, web development, python, JavaScript, etc. This app is completely free with a 4.5 average rating and more than 5M downloads. Additionally in the end you can get personalize certificate as well. 

Free apps for study
apps for study


It has a 4.6 overall rating and more than 10M downloads. The best thing is that you can study writing yard on this app as well as you can play different games with your friends that can also essential for your learning.

Pocket Physics

It’s a physics app called pocket physics. It’s true to its name it’s handy and it’s simple in concept. It can give you formulas concepts, any derivation you want to study, and a few graphs. This app has more than 1M downloads and an average rating of 4.6.  

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