Top monitoring software for Android app for overworked employees

Employees are pieces that make up any business or organization and can be its greatest assets.  Work demands labor, skill, and most importantly, focus. Stress can be the biggest menace to focus and concentration and without these, even the most proficient employee will find the simplest of tasks daunting. Also, stress isn’t called a silent killer for no reason. Not only can unaddressed stress cause or worsen psychological problems, but it can also shorten life expectancy and cause physical illness. Long-term stress is often a contributing factor in many of the leading causes of death in the United States, including heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and suicide.

Stressed-out workers are also more likely to resort to unhealthy ways of relief such as drugs, smoking, and alcohol that create a vicious cycle. According to a survey by, 63% of US workers are inclined to quit their jobs due to stress. And workers who take sick days off for mental health are 7 times more likely to have further absences than their colleagues Your workplace shouldn’t be part of these statistics and neither, should you?

Here, we best android spy app that can actually help you and your employees relax, for higher results and long term productivity:


Headspace teaches its users the life-altering skills of meditation and clearer thinking. It has hundreds of stress-reducing courses, including meditation for anxiety, sleep management, personal growth, and mind-body health. The fact that Headspace gets down to the basics of stress management, makes it great for newbies to the concept of meditation. this is perfect for employees or leaders who want to organize their minds better and concentrate on goals that can actually be accomplished, and not worries that can’t be taken care of.  Headspace courses include prioritization, creativity, and focus to improve work and productivity management. It even features concentration-enhancing music and workouts designed for stress relief, concentration and also, and winding down. Don’t worry about time spent on the app, because the techniques that Headspace provides can be chosen according to the time you have.

MyLife Meditation: Stop, breathe and think

Don’t’ forget to breathe! That’s something we can’t forget but we often breathe too fast when work gets too much and we feel like we aren’t up to it. This award-winning meditation app offers activities customized to your changing moods and offers daily check-ins for wellbeing. It helps you maintain perspective and not get carried away by the daily worry of professional life. What makes MyLife meditation unique is its ability to personalize meditation and other stress-relieving techniques for you. It is suitable for both, experienced and beginner meditation users and also teaches basic deep breathing skills.  Reviews state that users were 80% less anxious after and while using MyLife. The app makers promise it will help you eat, sleep and work better.

Shine: Calm anxiety and Stress

This lifestyle app won the 2019 Google Play Award 2019 for a standout well-being app. It claims it is on a mission to “make mental health easier, more representative. And more inclusive.” The calming and stress-reducing exercises. And practices it offers cover a wide range of topics that include calming anxiety. Navigating COVID 19 anxiety, journaling, and also furthering creativity. Shine can help employees manage common and everyday work frustrations, deadlines and also claims to improve motivation.


One of the leading apps for meditation and relaxation, Calm is exceptional for basic anxiety relief and stress management. A mindfulness app for beginners offers a wide range of topics that can easily fit into a heavy work or personal schedule. Calm’s guided mediation sessions will train an overworked mind to focus and concentrate, break bad habits, increase self-esteem and general mindfulness at work. With this stress buster, you get an original daily Calm, guided as well as open meditation and master class. Soothing natural sounds and scenes will help unwind and keep you ready to tackle the next deadline.

Our Spy Android Pick: Smiling Mind

The employee monitoring app was developed by psychologists and educators to create balance for overwhelmed and worry-laden minds. Is programs are streamlined to assist working people figure out the pressure, stress, and challenges of daily life. Smiling Mind’s programs can be used outside, at home, and at work. It aims to help you connect better and empathetically in your professional relationships and also to enhance productivity and concentration.

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