Ukraine updates: Zelenskyy says counteroffensive ‘taking place’

Counteroffensive beginning ‘probably the most bloody part’: Analyst

Patrick Bury, a former NATO analyst as well as defence and security expert at the University of Bath, has told Al Jazeera the initial part of the Ukrainian counteroffensive “is probably the most bloody part for the Ukrainians”.

“They have to breach the defences and you can take a lot of casualties doing that… It’s much easier to defend; you know the ground, you know what the plan is, you know ‘I’m going to hold this position until they get to here and then I’m going to fall back to here, and then that other position is going to support me. I can call in my artillery… to attack the enemy as they move into these areas,’” he said.

“It’s significantly easier for the defenders as the Ukrainians found out when they were defending last year. It’s much more difficult for the attackers… yes, you have some intelligence preparation but you don’t know exactly where everything is; it’s all new to you, the terrain and you’re being fired on etc as you try to advance; so it’s much more difficult for them.”

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