Visa Free Countries For Indian Citizens

Indian Citizens

Today we are going to talk about the top 20 countries where Indians do not need a visa, and you can visit these countries without a visa. However, you have to pay attention to the fact that you should have a government card and also the currency of that country, so let’s see.



Nepal is close to India, there is no problem in the movement of Indians to this country. Nepal is such a country where Indians can not only visit without visa but can also work here, you can also live here. But you must have id proof like Aadhaar card, voter id card, etc.


This has become possible because of the relation between India and Nepal. In the year 1950, due to Indo-Nepal pretty for peace and friendship, peace is maintained in both the countries till date and these countries are each other’s friends.


That’s why Indians can go to Nepal comfortably and they don’t need a visa. From the holy Pashupati Nath temple to the beautiful valleys here, many Indians go to see it every year. The value of Indian Rupee is also high as compared to Nepalese currency, so next time you are thinking of going abroad then Nepal is the right place.


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Mauritius is considered the most beautiful country in the countries of Asia. Millions of tourists come here every year, and here you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls, nature, and blue water. Also, if you like water spots then Mauritius is the right place for you.


Do you know that Indians do not need a visa to visit this beautiful country, Mauritius has good relations with India and this is the reason that you can visit Mauritius only with a passport. On arrival at Mauritius airport, you will be given permission to stay in this country for 60 days on your passport. It’s only condition is that you should have a return ticket to come back to India. Not only for sightseeing, you can also go to Mauritius on a business trip for 60 days.



Bhutan is the nearest country to India and it is bordered by Sikkim from one side, the good news is that even here you do not need any visa and you can roam freely in Bhutan. But first of all, also know that to go to Bhatan, you must have a passport, identity proof with you, which can be any certificate issued by the Indian government, such as voter ID, Aadhaar card. Also, you cannot run Indian 500 and 2000 notes in Bhutan, that’s why you have to spend money in Bhutan’s currency.


Bhutan is famous for the eastern parts of the Himalayas and also for Buddhist monasteries.



Haiti is a Caribbean country located near the Dominican Republic. It is like an island with water all around it and that is why it is very beautiful to see.


You will be surprised to know that even though it is not an Asian country, Indians do not need a visa here, after reaching the airport, you just have to give your passport and pay a fee of $10. Just after that you can roam freely anywhere in Haiti. Due to not much difference between the currencies of both the countries, you will not have to spend much in this country.



If you like the sea, dolphins, dancing and singing, and high mountains, then Jamaica is the right place for you.

Like the country of Haiti, the country of Jamaica is also included in a Caribbean country and its music and tunes are very famous all over the world. The best thing is that here Indian tourists can easily roam without a visa, for Indians, a visa is not required to stay and roam in Jamaica for 30 days but you will need a passport and official stamp on the passport at the airport. After that your passport will work like a visa and you can live in Jamaica very easily.


But to go here, you have to pay a little attention because it is not so safe like other countries.


Trinidad & Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is an island where you can enjoy the beaches which are located near the country of Venezuela. This country is very famous in the world for organizing carnivals. Along with this, if you are a lover of animals and birds, then you must visit this place.


Indians are allowed to visit this country without a visa for about 90 days. You should have your Indian passport whose validity is more than 6 months. Along with this, you should also have a ticket to go back, only then you can enter this country without a visa. The special thing is that this rule is applicable not only for tourists but also for people going for work.



Ecuador is a small country in South America and is known all over the world for the Galapagos Islands, even a part of the Amazon forest comes inside this country and when it comes to the Amazon forest, you already know. It would be that you can go here to see what happened, yes you will get to see rare creatures here and you can also visit Amazon.


It is a matter of happiness for Indians that you can stay in Ecuador without a visa for 90 days, you just have to take your passport, keep in mind that your and your companions’ passport and its validity should be more than 6 months.



Like Haiti, the name of Micronesia must have been heard from someone, but do you know that this country is situated in the Pacific Ocean and there are about 400 islands here. The view of this place is very beautiful and it is a different world in itself.


Tourists keep coming here and this is a very clean country. People of India are allowed here without visa, for about 30 days, just once you have to show your passport that it is not going to expire soon. Here the government has made a rule that your passport should be valid for more than 6 months.



Serbia is a country located in Europe Peninsula where Indians do not require a visa. You can see Roman architecture in this country, it is a historical place and you will also see very old monuments here.


Perhaps this is the only country in Europe in which Indians do not need a visa. You can stay here comfortably for 30 days or say a month without a visa.



Every year Indians go to Indonesia as tourists. This country is very close to India and you can visit good places at a low cost. Indonesia is a beautiful country full of nature, this is the reason why the number of tourists here is also high. This country welcomes Indians especially because you can stay here without a visa for 30 days and its counting starts from the day you reach the airport.



Antarctica, located in the southernmost corner of the earth, is such a continent where no one lives. This continent surrounded by the Southern Ocean is called an icy desert. Only penguins, animals like seals and tundra vegetation are found here.


There is no one country that owns this continent, that’s why there is no need of a visa to go here, but to go here you need special permission and help from a scientist. So if you also want to go to Antarctica, then develop friendship with any scientist doing research here.



This place was discovered by English and Dutch explorers during the 17-18th century. The currency here is Fiji Dollar, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu are the main island groups here, here a large number of people live in this country, due to its forest, mineral and middle resources, this country is one of the developed economies.


The beach here is perfect for scuba diving. You can do all these things from here by taking a river tour to the Botanical Garden. The government of this country has declared its country a visa-free country to promote Fiji’s business and tourism, that’s why we Indians can also go without visa.



Discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, Dominica is a small Caribbean island country. It is said that Columbus had killed many of the original inhabitants here.


Many places like Pitons National Park, Boiling Lake Cabrits National Park, many Surrey Waterfalls and Emerald Pool have become attractive for tourists. The currency here is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is settled in the Caribbean and is found in 7 island countries. Biscuits made by hand here and beautiful music make this place famous. Making good relations with tourism and other countries, this country has been declared visa free.



Qatar is a peninsula Arab country whose most part of the land is surrounded by desert and sand dunes situated on the long sea border of Gulf of Parash. You will not believe your eyes after seeing the sky-touching buildings of Qatar’s capital Doha and the ultra-modern architecture made of ancient Islamic style.


Qatar is counted among the most dedicated countries in the world, so be happy if you are planning to visit Qatar, because you are from India and want to visit Qatar, then you can visit without a visa for 30 days. I can enjoy it.


El Salvador

El Salvador is a tiny country in a group of small countries located in Central America. It is famous for the island, mountains and sea and beautiful campus of the Pacific Ocean. Tourism is a major part of the economy of this country. This country is decorated with cultural prabhasa.


Samples of culture like Maya and Almec can be seen here in many complete Tatabanya places. This country replaced its old currency Colon in the year 2001 and adopted the American Dollar. Spanish is the state language here and there are only 2 seasons in this country, one is rain and the other is winter tourism. Visas are not required to go to this country for independent tourism, and here we Indians can stay without a visa for 90 days.



Grenada is a country made up of 6 small islands situated in the southeast Caribbean Sea. The spices here are something else. Wild coffee used by the local people and 20 percent of Jaiphal are exported from this country in the world, that is why it is also called the island of spices.


The currency here is the East Caribbean Dollar. The white and black colored beaches here and the world’s first underwater sculpture park are major centers of attraction for tourists. Freedom to travel without restrictions Greater security for personal or business purposes Additional banking secrecy and investment opportunities not available anywhere else We can visit this country without a visa and stay for up to 90 days without any restrictions You can enjoy the beauty of this place without worrying.



Tourists come from far and wide to see the sun-kissed beaches, sand, waves and underwater beauty of the island country from the Indian Ocean. Maldives means white sand spread till miles, if you don’t do fishing, scuba diving and water skiing, then you don’t do anything. Places like Hukuru Muskiya, Mulliya’s Palace, Male Fish Market attract tourists. Maldivian Rufiyaa is prevalent here.


Maldives was awarded the title of the world’s Best Dive Destination in the world travel awards in 2006. The government here has also declared the tourism of this country as a visa-free place so that people can easily get the benefits of this country’s tourism. This country is also very close to India and now you can enjoy traveling here with very little money and without a visa.



It is a modern city but it has the charm of the old world inside. The country is popular for gamblers and tourists. Macau is a small island of China located in East Asia, Macau Tower, Macau Museum, Gia Fortes, Cathedral are the major tourist destinations of Macau.


It is said that if you believe in luck then go to Macau because it is the only place in China where gambling is not a crime. 20 percent of the residents of this city work in gambling only. The Macanese Pataca is the currency of the city. To go to Macau, you have to get an online registration done before coming, which is completely free and on approval of which you will get a visa as soon as you go to Macau, but without this you cannot go to Macau.


Palestinian Territories

In the Middle East, it claims the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and the Holy Land, Jerusalem, bordering Israel and Jordan. The Palestinians lost most of their land in the 1967 war with Israel.


The city named Ramallah is the main administrative center of Palestine. Palestine is currently going through very bad times, but the beauty here is still famous all over the world. Beautiful places like Hisham Palace automatically attract tourists. The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, is the oldest and most visited church in the world. You will be happy to know that we Indians can visit Palestine without visa and enjoy the beautiful land for 60 days. But keep in mind that the country through which the Palestinians are going must have a visa.


Saint Kitts and Nevis

The Leeward Islands in the West Indies, a country made up of two islands, were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The currency of YAH is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. The economy here is highly dependent on tourism and tourism. Saint Kitts and Nevis both have golf courses, historical ruins, water ports and erupting volcanoes. Saint Kitts Brimstone Fort, the only World Heritage Site in the Eastern Caribbean, has ocean theme parks, shopping and large hotels, making it more attractive to cruise.


If you want to take a boat ride, then you will probably find a beautiful place. In order to promote tourism, a visa is not required in this country.


So friends, this was the information about such countries where a visa is not required to go. Did you know about this “No no” so now you are thinking, do planning and leave that too without a visa. Also share this article with your friends. If you like to travel then stay active on this website on which you will get information about tourism.

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