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What Are The Best Tools For LinkedIn Scraping In 2023?

Want to extract data from LinkedIn to sell something? Don’t let it bother you with LinkedIn Data Extractor, you will find the desired email address and phone number from LinkedIn without any programming. Why spend money buying LinkedIn leads for each different niche when you can save it for other needs entirely? The best and most trusted LinkedIn scraping tool will let you find bulk data from LinkedIn for marketing with the fastest speed and 99% accuracy. However, if you get to the best tool to extract data from LinkedIn by reading this article, you can thank me later.

The Best Tools To Scrape LinkedIn In 2023

Also, we have listed some popular LinkedIn scraping tools to find and extract someone’s email address and phone number from LinkedIn profiles and search results. These LinkedIn lead generation tools help you find business and customer data from LinkedIn by the first name, last name, zip code, profile URL, and address to meet your business, email marketing, recruiting, freelancing, and lead generation needs.

  1. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Extractor lets you search for prospect emails and phone numbers by company name, industry type, LinkedIn profile URL, and location. LinkedIn Company Scraper has a free trial version, but you can export LinkedIn data to CSV, Excel, and Text files in the paid version. This means that it is a great tool for capturing data from LinkedIn for email marketing campaigns, telemarketing, SMS marketing, text marketing, and lead generation campaigns. 3 Months fee for the LinkedIn Data Extractor license is only $59.99.

Pros And Cons Of Using LinkedIn Company Extractor


You can find business owners, and local and international customer data from LinkedIn by name, zip code, profile URL, and zip code by using LinkedIn scraper with 99% accuracy. You can search for emails and mobile phone numbers from LinkedIn in over 195 countries. LinkedIn Email Extractor doesn’t require coding or programming knowledge to use it. Everyone can use it due to its point-and-click interface. Almost 20,000 people are using it for data scraping from LinkedIn. You don’t need to hire programmers or freelancers to scrape data from LinkedIn or you don’t need to buy old or irrelevant data from brokers. In other words, you are independent and can scrape data from LinkedIn yourself whenever you want.


LinkedIn Company Extractor does not extract data from any other social media site or business directory such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, etc.


  1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Lead Extractor helps you find and extract 100% real and valid data from LinkedIn user profiles and save your results for review and export. With a 100% accuracy guarantee and bounce protection, LinkedIn Contact Extractor also verifies emails and phone numbers. You can search for anyone’s email and phone numbers for any place in the world from LinkedIn by name, address, job title, zip code, and LinkedIn profile URL by using this LinkedIn profile scraper. You don’t need to learn any programming language to use this LinkedIn crawler software. You just need to enter your keywords and the LinkedIn Scraper software will do the rest automatically i.e. search, scrape, sort, and export data from Linkedin profiles and search results. The price for the LinkedIn Lead Extractor for 3 months is $59.99 and you can run it on all the latest and older version of windows.

Pros And Cons Of Using LinkedIn Lead Extractor


You can find and get user data from LinkedIn by name, zip code, job title, address, and profile URL with 100% accuracy. You can collect emails, phone numbers, social media links, skills, and much more from LinkedIn for marketing this LinkedIn Extractor. It also supports CSV, Excel, and Text files to save your extracted LinkedIn data. There are more than 850 million profiles on LinkedIn and it is impossible to visit and copy-paste data from each LinkedIn profile. There you can use this Linkedin Profile Scraper and can scrape data from LinkedIn profiles without any human effort.


You are not able to extract data from any other social media platform except LinkedIn by using this LinkedIn Lead Extractor.


So, these are the best tools to extract data from LinkedIn users and company profiles without learning any coding skills. If you need real data from LinkedIn for marketing then you should buy and try these LinkedIn scraping tools to save time and money. Above mentioned LinkedIn email finder tools are the best options for you to start the journey of LinkedIn Lead Generation.

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