What are the top 10 international schools in Bangalore?

Bangalore is home to numerous schools and educational institutions deeply committed to creating a generation of students that are ready to be the future of this world creatively, politically, artistically, and technologically. Some of the best international schools in Bangalore have committed to entirely transforming the culture of Indian education to bring in a new wave of students with a fresh mindset that would evolve the tomorrow of this nation. 

Bangalore International school

In the 70s when a lot of American families lived in Bangalore and could not find quality international schools in Bangalore, Eloise R. Bennet, with her family, opened her own school. With a deep understanding of social, moral, and cultural values, it is one of the best schools to truly shape a free mind. 

Neev Academy

Established in 2005, Neev Academy provides a quality International Board curriculum to students with a healthy environment to question and grow every day. The environment is friendly and allows for young minds to wander and explore. Spread across 16 acres, the campus is a hub for the growth of a child emotionally and intellectually. 

Indus International School

Established in 2003, they inaugurated this school with the core principle of the universalism of human values. It stands as one of the finest international schools in Bangalore today. It has consistently ranked Indus as the best school in India and continues to rise with its quality of education. This is mostly because of the deep attention given to each child by the management and the high-class campus designed for the growth of every mind. 

Stonehill International School

On the outer of the city and close to the international airport, it is a suitable option for boarders. Students indulge in an immersive IB curriculum from a young age and the diverse faculty plays a key role in adding value to the mindset of students. 

Ebenezer International School 

Offering IB, IGCSE, and ICSE, Ebenezer is well on its way to building a generation of diverse minds built to deconstruct societal norms. One of the key features of the classrooms is Apple TV in each room and an iMac Laboratory that allows students to explore technology like never before. 

The International School Bangalore 

Students from across the globe come to The International School Bangalore. Its architecture has a very English look to it and the technology-driven campus gives the students a deep insight into the modern world we are a part of. It also opens avenues for students to get indulged in the global space at a very young age. The school gives students value learning such as critical thinking, research, and social openness.  

Candor International School

With a unique approach to education, Candor has a mixed curriculum. In preschool and high school, students study International Board and the school teaches middle school students IGCSE. This blend is designed to make the students aware of various internationally approved education methodologies and push their minds to work beyond the limits and constraints of a single pattern of learning. The school is known to have staff and students from 18 different nationalities. 

Jain International Residential School

One of the finest International Schools in Bangalore, Jain International School is designed with a rigorous program to give a child all-around development. With an emphasis on academics, discipline, and sports, all the skills of a child are carefully nurtured and promoted. It is one of the very few schools to also have over 30 sports facilities that lets a child truly explore his/her interest. 

Mallya Aditi International School

Home to students from over 16 nationalities, they established Mallya Aditi School in 1984. The core strength of this school has been its high adaptability to changing times. Its teachers have evolved their methodologies with time and taught their children the ever-evolving nature of society. The school not only offers a nurturing environment for academic growth but also social values, creativity, and self-discovery. Today, no matter where we go in the world, knowing our identity is crucial to growth. Therefore, Mallya Aditi International School is committed to making every student understand his/her place in the world. 

GIIS Bangalore

One of the finest international schools in Whitefield, Bangalore, the entire chain of GIIS is committed to giving students world-class exposure. GIIS closely works on personality development, emotional growth, and social skills along with academics and sports. GIIS is committed to giving a growth-oriented environment that allows the students to build the identity of global leaders and innovators. 


Today, the International Schools of Bangalore have opened avenues for growth in new, innovative, and exclusive ways. Each of these schools has a unique essence that deconstructs the societal norms and conventions of education and offers a unique means for a child to evolve. These new and emerging methods of education are designed to nurture a child’s creativity and help them find an identity unique to them. 

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