What Are the Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts?

Whether you’re in the throes of first love or basking in the devotion of your soul mate, we’ve compiled our top 10 Valentine’s Day gift recommendations. Don’t let love slip you by on February 14th; start preparing now to give your loved one Valentine’s Day they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.


Of course, we don’t mean any old jewelry when we say “number one.” We’re referring to the ultimate piece of Valentine’s Day jewelry, the diamond engagement ring.

While it may not be acceptable for every couple celebrating Valentine’s Day, if you are thinking of proposing to your girlfriend (or boyfriend), Valentine’s Day provides the ideal reason.

Take her out to your favorite restaurant for lunch and conceal the ring in a glass of champagne (but make sure she sees it before she takes a drink!). Alternatively, propose a romantic stroll and pop the question along the way. A candlelight dinner is also useful for which you can buy candle boxes.

A romantic trip

Or, for that matter, a romantic weekend anywhere! We’re certain that taking them away to New York, Prague, London, or a remote location in the country would be as appreciated. It’s the fact that you’re going away together that’s important.

Whatever you do, keep in mind the little details that will make it an amazing romantic getaway. Make arrangements with the hotel to have flowers, chocolates, or champagne waiting for you when you arrive. Do some homework and reserve a restaurant for the first night, so you don’t wind up walking around for hours trying to figure out where to go.

A day of discovery for two

If a weekend away is out of the question, surprise them with a day of adventure for two. Make a reservation for something they’ve always wanted to do, such as driving a Ferrari or jumping off of an aircraft.

While the activities themselves may not be romantic, the intention behind the present and the fact that you’ve fulfilled their goal most certainly is. What about having a candlelight dinner and buying candle Boxes Wholesale for it.

A day of pampering for two

Every now and again, we all deserve to be pampered. And Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion to spoil yourself and your loved one with a soothing spa day.

Many hotels and spas offer a variety of treatments, allowing you to customize your day to be as soothing and personalized as you wish. If your budget allows, you might also include an evening dinner. You can go for an overnight stay to round off the night in luxury as well.

A romantic dinner for two at your favorite restaurant

While a romantic lunch at your favorite restaurant is a more conventional way to commemorate Valentine’s Day, no Valentine’s Day gift list would be complete without one. And if you don’t have a favorite restaurant, why not reserve a table at one you’ve never been to but have heard great things about?

And don’t forget that it’s the tiny details that make the evening memorable. Book ahead of time and ask for a table in a discreet nook. After all, a table near the kitchen with waiters barging through the doors every two minutes is far from romantic. Purchase a bottle of their favorite wine or a bottle of champagne. Why not extend the evening into an overnight stay if the restaurant has a hotel attached?

A night to oneself

If you and your wife, spouse, or partner have children, the most romantic thing you can do is arrange for a cousin or friend to watch the children overnight. It might be a sheer delight to have an evening to yourself to snuggle up in front of the fire.

Even if you don’t have children, a romantic evening home may be just as enjoyable. Cook a special lunch for the two of you, or order takeout if you need a total getaway. Why not dress up like you’re going to a restaurant?

Alternatively, you might just curl up on the couch with a decent bottle of wine and your favorite movie.

Champagne and chocolates are optional.

Even though it isn’t the most creative gift, we’re certain that a bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates will amaze your loved one.

The key to making this gift even more effective is presentation. Have them delivered to his or her home, or wrap them nicely before handing them.

If funds permit, champagne and chocolates may be included as part of the present. They could also include a romantic lunch and overnight stay – or is that just wishful thinking on my side?

A massive floral bouquet

Again, flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day present that is always appreciated by the woman (or guy) in your life. While a dozen red roses are often regarded as the most romantic flowers to give, there are other ways to personalize your floral present.

Determine her favorite flowers and colors and urge the florist to include them in the arrangement. In addition to a specific stone, the month in which you were born has a special flower. Make some inquiries and incorporate the flower associated with her (or his) birthday in the bouquet. We’re certain that your loved one will be pleased not just by the flowers but also by your efforts.

One red rose or a balloon

Everyone does not have an infinite budget. A single red rose or a Valentine’s Day balloon should not be too expensive.

Furthermore, if the presentation is done well, a single red rose may be just as romantic as a dozen. After all, the thought is what matters.

A romantic stroll

Okay, a romantic stroll in the middle of February in this nation may easily turn into a rainy, windy, and dismal plod across the countryside. But the entire idea of this gift is for you to run away and be alone.

If the weather permits, going for a walk together may be a terrific opportunity to spend time together with no distractions other than the beauty of your surroundings (and, of course, each other!).

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