What Is An Engagement Ring Wrap?

Engagement ring wrap or engagement ring guard wrap/ring jacket/ enhancer alleviates the aesthetics of the ring you have by wrapping itself around the centre stone and the band in a way that the sentiments attached with the ring are not lost and at the same time you get a beautiful ring stack worth flaunting.

What is the Purpose of wearing an Engagement Ring Guard Wrap?

Engagement ring guard wrap is more than just a fashion statement because of the following reasons:

  • The appearance of the ring undergoes a significant change when you wear an engagement ring wrap and that too without any changes in the setting of the stones.
  • It safeguards the edges of the ring against any kind of external influence that might cause damage to the ring
  • If you are looking for a coordinated wedding ring set, then wedding ring wire wrap is just what you need to fulfill your desire.
  • Engagement ring guard wrap stands true to the meaning of guard as it guards the symbol of your love by adding galore to its sheen without letting its essence fade away.
  • Adding an engagement ring wrap around the ring of your grandmother or mother will be an amazing combination of something new and old to a ring that holds a special place in your family and heart.
  • Engagement ring wraps are an affordable option over diamond wedding rings which use more metal and stones in comparison to the former.

What are the Different Styles of Engagement Ring Wrap?

Selecting a perfect engagement ring wrap can be a daunting task. So have a look at the different styles before you finalize on the one that seamlessly flows around your ring:

  • Single Shank Wrap: This kind of wrap spreads to either side of the centre stone and adds symmetrical accents to the ring making it look opulent. Since this kind of wrap curls around one side of the ring, so these are best suited for solitaires or single stones.
  • Circumference Wrap: The setting of this wrap is a little off-centre so that both the bands nestle seamlessly against each other while circling the centre stone.
  • Dual Shank Wrap: If you have accent stones on your engagement ring, then dual shank wrap is something that will serve your purpose. The entire engagement ring is encircled in dual shank wrap thereby turning one ring into three.

What are the Key Points to be Kept in Mind before Selecting Engagement Ring Gift Wrap?

Ring wraps look beautiful but to bring these beauties home, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • The shape of your ring and that of an engagement ring wrap that you choose should be a match made in heaven lest it will not ooze the WOW factor you want. While curving wraps are perfect for round diamonds, pointed wraps look amazing with marquise diamond rings. If you have a heart-shaped engagement ring, then get the ring enhancer customized to add a spark of brilliance and elegance to the ring you own.
  • If you want to wear a three-stone ring by adding a dual shank wrap then make sure that the proportion of the stone and ring wrap is matched correctly. The size of the centre stone is the determining factor in this case as the opening of the wrap has to be adjusted according to this parameter.
  • For the best results, it is advised that the metal of the ring and that of the engagement ring wrap is similar. This will mean fewer expenses on repairs and maintenance.
  • To keep the engagement ring and engagement ring wrap together, get it soldered for longevity and appeal.

Engagement ring guard wrap is a fantastic option to upgrade the Engagement Ring you wear. Have a look at some awe-striking designs of the ring wraps at our store and choose the one that matches your style. Explore from our wide range and take home the opulent one!

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