What is Dental Bonding and how much Price for the Treatment

Dental bonding is a suitable way to improve the appearance and shape of your teeth. Like dental veneers and crowns, it does not involve removing tooth surface. Dental bonding enables to eliminate stains, repair cracks, chips, fluorisis and size and shape of tooth. This can help t improve your smile and overall appearance.

Dental bonding is usually done after braces to repair the damage in the past by means of grinding and chipping. Your straighter teeth are often shorter than the other teeth, but this can help to restore their size and shape.

How you can prepare for dental bonding

Tooth bonding will not require any kind of special preparation. You will have to talk to your dentist and know if you are the right candidate for it. Bonding might not work properly in case you suffer from extreme tooth decay or damage. In such cases, you will require a dental crown or veneer.

How dental bonding works

The dentist performs a wax up and smile designing of your teeth before starting with the work. This will enable to view end result and ensure the dentist as well as the patient can attain the best possible result.

Dental bonding involves preparing the tooth surface with proper cleaning. After this, the tooth will bond with composite filling material. The dentist matches the color of material carefully with the exact teeth color. The procedure of tooth bonding usually requires somewhere between 30 to 60 minutes though some appointments might run for a long time, according to the procedure.

Difference between dental and porcelain bonding

  • Porcelain veneers and crowns are ceramic
  • Bonding is made of dental composite

Ceramics generally need to prepare the tooth by removing some outer teeth layer. This enables the dental laboratory to fabricate new teeth which requires the tooth impression. You need to fix an appointment with the dentist for trying with the teeth and then bonding them.

Dental bonding changes the shape and size of tooth as well as minor imperfections. It is not a suitable option for your broken, crooked or extremely weak teeth.

Benefits of dental bonding

  • Change the appearance of teeth dramatically for your colored or stained teeth
  • Prevent the need for fixing several appointments
  • Avoid the need for the removal of tooth surface
  • Extremely affordable than dental veneers and crowns
  • Breaks or chips on bonding are easy and quick to repair
  • Use together with bleaching and braces
  • Entirely reversible option

Can bonding be bad for your teeth?

No, dental bonding will not cause any harm to the teeth. But it will require maintaining good oral hygiene habits and healthy gums so that it may work properly. Patients will fall in love with their attractive smile after performing dental bonding and will take care of their teeth. So, dental bonding is a good option for your teeth.

What is the cost of composite bonding?

The composite bonding cost in London may differ from £195 to £595 per tooth according to your needs. You need to talk to your dentist and know if you are the right candidate for the procedure. Make sure the treatment cost does not hurt your budget in anyway. This ensures you can undergo the treatment from your dentist successfully.

Is it possible to whiten a bonded tooth?

Dental bonding will not whiten with bleaching which happens for crowns and veneers. The dentist will recommend that you bleach teeth after you start with the bonding procedure. But it is possible to make bonding somewhat light in color and allow to bleach afterwards for small cases.

How to take care of your bonded teeth

It is important to take care of your teeth so that you can extend their lifespan. Some self-care tips are:

  • Brush your teeth at least two times in a day
  • Floss daily
  • Do not bite on your nails
  • Avoid eating hard foods and candies
  • Say no to tea, coffee and tobacco for the first two days after the treatment to prevent stains
  • Schedule your oral checkups and cleanings in every six months

Besides, you need to see a dentist when you break or chip your bonding material accidentally. Also, if there are any rough or sharp edges after the treatment, make sure you visit your dentist without delay.

How long dental bonding will last?

This will depend on how well you can take proper care of your teeth. Once the bonding is over, other factors which include smoking and grinding may affect the bonding procedure. So, a properly bonded tooth lasts for 5 years, at the most. It is advisable that you visit a hygienist once in every six months and maintain strong and healthy teeth and gums. Make sure you see your dentist for routine checkups and mouth cleanings once in a year.

Dental bonding is a safer option as it is non-aggressive to the teeth and reversible. Your healthy smile is the confident booster and when you have a chipped tooth or discoloration, then healthy smile is a confidence booster. If you have discoloration, visit your best cosmetic dentist in Harley Street for the consultation session. He will determine of the treatment is suitable for you or you need to choose other options for improving your teeth appearance.

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