What Is The Different Type Of SEO? Black Hat, White Hat, and Grey Hat SEO

What Is The Different Type Of SEO? Black Hat, White Hat, and Grey Hat SEO

For good rounder organic search strategy like on, off, and technical page SEO that will easy to organize and execute.

SEO is like earning money, it takes time, it takes effort but you won’t stop and look back while doing an online marketing dissertation help UK. As in the end if you get the traffic it’s all worth it for sure. So before you step up in the marketing journey you need to know that what kind of SEO there is. To make it easy, you just need to know these 3 parts of SEO which are:

  • Guideline
  • Optimization
  • Strategies

Now there are 3 types of SEO Black hat white hat and grey hat

Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO uses sneaky tactics and loopholes to game Google search engine to rank high. In most cases, this strategy goes against Google’s policy and guidelines. Well, then why anyone uses the blackhead technique? However, it works and works pretty fast for anyone. Black hat techniques such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, and duplicating content might work for a while but the result of this in long term would not be good for online humanities dissertation help uk and you may even be banned for breaking the rules and policies of Google. Advice is to don’t use black hat SEO, always stick it to the white hat SEO.

White Hat SEO 

White hat SEO is a technique that complies with the Google search engine guideline. Although white hat SEO takes more time than black hat SEO it is effective and valuable for the long term, therefore it is better for your business and better for your growth as well. Additionally, white hat SEO techniques include creating high-quality content, proper page optimization and use high-quality backlinks and a lot more. 

Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is anything that falls between the online coursework service line of black hat and white hat. A lot of the time where you think, should I do this or I shouldn’t base on what currently new on Google. Most people find this area and use this area to rank their website higher. The cool part is that you can easily utilize grey hat SEO for your website, it is considered according to Google policies and you can also get a tine of benefits from it.  

Types of Optimization

On the page, SEO

On page optimization refers to changes that are on your pages like CIPD assignment help, which make you on your sites that influence higher ranking. At this time the biggest SEO changes you can make including mobile optimization, speed optimization, URL optimization, page title optimization, and heading tag optimization. Without on-page SEO Google would have a very tough time understanding what your page is about. 

  • Off-page SEO

Off-page, optimization refers to perform that doesn’t happen on your website but helps influence higher ranking. You can perform link building from other like Prolynxs websites, sharing on social media that will help you dominate on Google ranking.

  • Technical SEO 

It refers to the change you make that impacts the ability of the search engine to crawl your website. 


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