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What is the importance of Gotra in Hindu Marriages?

We have often seen that in Hindu marriage and tradition gotra holds a very important and major place. People make sure about the gotra when they are trying to get married. In this blog we are going to talk about the Gotra system. What significance it holds in Hindu tradition and religion and not only this but we will also talk about its scientific significance. 

We would like to tell you that Vedic Gotra system is entirely based on the “Y” chromosome and or you can also say that. It is also a means of tracing the Y chromosome. Let us understand this concept via an example: if a person is of Kashyapa gotra then the Y chromosome. Which comes in that person is from Kashyapa Rishi or. We can also say that Kashyapa Rishi is an origin from Y chromosome. And since the Y chromosome is only present in boys and not in girls that is why they do not have a gotra. And their Gotra is attached to the gotra of their husband when they are married. 

In Hindu tradition of in Vedic culture same Gotra marriage is restricted in the tradition as the male and female will be called as siblings as their first ancestors are the same; this is because of the similarity in chromosomes. And it is a scientific fact that if people of the same chromosomes are married then their children will be born with some or the other genetic disorder. And according to the scriptures, endogamy was banned as well as restricted for these specific reasons. 

Treaty of Atma or Atma 

Let us have a treaty of Atma or Atma which goes like this as we have mentioned it below – 

Atma + h or Atma + ja 

Atma = I, J or Ja = born; i.e, I am born or born. 

If there is a son then in that son 95% of father’s and 5% of mother’s in that child. And if there is a girl then she will include 50% mother and 50% of father. And, when we talk about Kanyadan which is there in ritualistic marriage and not in Court marriage maybe. Here we would like to tell you that kanyadan is considered as the best charity in the world. Which is equivalent to Koti yagas which are usually donated by the husband to his dear wife. And apart from the Indian culture and Indian civilization. Then this ritualistic purity is not available in any other civilization in the world if we see this.  

If you are thinking about how many gotra in Hindu then let us tell you that Hindu culture has in total 108 gotras which consists of Atreya, gavish thiras, kusha, agasthya, agni, vaani, bansal, virk, baghel, chahar, dahiya, deval, galav, ganagotri, gautam and many more. 

We really hope that the information which we have provided you was beneficial for you. And you got to know most about the gotra system and other things and through this article you got to know more and more about it. 

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