What is the process of TomTom Map Update?

Well, Tomtom is a very handy device that you can install in your car. Well, with the Tomtom navigation device, you can roam around anywhere without any worry about getting all panicky about getting lost in a new town. 

In order to use the TomTom device, you need to make sure that you update the device. There is a process that you need to follow for TomTom map update. you must update it regularly in order to make sure that you get the latest maps and the software. 

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Although updating it is not a straightforward task, there are some steps that you need to follow. 

Let us now see why you must your TomTom?

  • Updating the software:

Well keeping the operating system of your TomTom device with the latest version ensure that any of the bugs will erase properly. Well, an up-to-date navigation device shall continue to provide a smooth user experience. 

  • Map updates:

Keep your tomtom maps up to date will make sure that you continue to get the best navigational routes. 

This is the article that is going to teach you how to Update TomTom Map so that you stay up to date on both the front. 

Steps to update your Update TomTom Map:

If you have your Wi-Fi enabled TomTom, then you need not connect to your computer with the USB cable. Well, it is recommended that you connect your home or the office Wi-Fi network. 

Using a public internet network that is found in the hotels, cafes will take much longer in order to download all the updates required. 

When you connect with the preferred Wi-Fi network then your TomTom is going to remember this connection. This will mean that the next time you are going to update, it is going to be easier as well as fast to complete. 

Update the TomTom home software:

When you are willing to update your device, you need to update the software of tomtom’s home. If you are using windows, you are going to find this option in the start menu and if you are a mac user, then you are going to find it under the folder of applications. 

Then you need to connect the TomTom device to the computer. Use the data cable in order to connect your mobile with your computer. 

After that, you need to go to the top of the TomTom software window, and then click on the gray icon window that will say update my device. After that, the software is going to check the online server of TomTom for any of the available updates. 

When there are any updates available there will be a list that will appear containing all the names of the updates.

After that select the updates that you want to install and then select the update and install option. Then you will see that update will download on the TomTom device and the installation process will proceed. 

Before you are trying to use the device, you must get it installed first. The last thing that you need to do is to disconnect the device from the computer. You need to go to the top of the screen of the TomTom home and then press the disconnect the device option. 

After that, you can remove the connection of the data cable and then continue using the device. This is how you will be able to update the TomTom GPS. 

Free TomTom Update:

The method of updating is possible with the sharing instrument that goes by the name of map share. Map share is going to contain all the user databases which are up to date. you cn easily download it for free along with the TomTom home. 

There are new streets, change in one-way roads, new points of interest changes in the road restrictions, and many things more. 

There are various professionals and daily drivers who are in group TomTom and these are available for download in the available updates. Due to this reason, if there are any older maps, which you will share using the Map share will be beneficial to the many drivers. 

Lifetime maps for TomTom GPS:

There are lifetime maps that are in the smartphone apps and the devices of TomTom GPS. When you buy a device that has this feature of the lifetime maps, you will get a benefit of four times a year, and that too for absolutely free. 

You are going to enjoy this benefit for a lifetime on your device. Another feature is the world lifetime maps, which will enable you to download maps of any part of the world and you might need to pay extra for that. 

If you are still not able to Update TomTom Map, then get in touch with our experts or visit our website. They will provide you with the best solutions!

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