What Kind Of Tools Are Used For Tree Trimming Services?

Successful pruning needs appropriate tools. You should stock the right style of tools before you start implementing the tree trimming services. Though the good quality tools need huge investment, they will help in implementing the right services. These kinds of tree trimmers can withstand repeated use and can last forever. By choosing the right tool for the cutting process, you can make the entire task easy and quick. You should choose the trimming tool based on the size of the branch. When it comes to trimming tree branches, we recommend you to choose the small one because small wound because it can quickly heal as compared to the large one. The different types of tools used for the tree trimming services are as follow:

1. Hand Pruner

When it comes to cutting the branches of the tree which are less than 1 inch in diameter, you should get hand pruners. To get the cleanest cuts, you should choose the bypass pruners. These pruners cut a pair of scissors. These pruners have a curved cutting blade that slides past the low broad blade.

2. Lopper

These are also known as the lopping shears and thus tool is used for cutting the branches which are approximately 2 inches in diameter. On the label of the lopper, it is specified about the branch size it can cut. The bypass cutting blades of the lopper can create a clean-cut without affecting the tissues of the plant. Some lopper designs include a gear-like feature that helps in increasing the cutting power. It will help in making your efforts worthy. We recommend you search for a lopper that handles varying lengths including the one that helps to cut the branches that are far away from your reach.

3. Pruning Saw

The pruning saw is precisely designed to trim the branches which are approximately 3 inches in diameter. By applying a little bit more effort, you can also cut a slightly large size branch. The blades are made up of tempered metal and therefore remain sharp for various uses. The pruning saw can cut on the pull stroke and push stroke as well.  

Tree Trimmers

4. Rope Saw

The rope saw is comprised of a chain-style cutting blade. This type of saw is perfect for cutting branches that are approximately 5 inches in diameter. It can also cut thicker limbs by implementing more efforts. Most rope saws let you stay on the ground and easily cut the branches which are 25 feet high. You just need to add extension ropes to reach new heights.

5. Chainsaw

The chainsaw is the best tool that can help in providing the cleanest cut when it comes to cutting the limbs which are 3 inches thicker. If any trimming and pruning job needs a chainsaw, then it is recommended to take the help of the certifier professionals. Using a chainsaw without any knowledge can be very dangerous. Therefore, you should leave it on the certified professionals.  

6. Pole Pruner

With the help of the pole pruner, you can easily cut the limbs which are approximately 2 inches in diameter. We recommend you to pick the bypass-style pruner to get the cleanest, healthiest cuts. Some pole pruner heads include interchangeable cutting: a bypass pruner and a pruning saw. You can change them according to your needs and demands. These are some of the tools which are required during the trimming process. Once you have purchased the tools for tree trimming and pruning services, then you should also know how to keep them in good shape.

Tool Maintenance

These tools which are mentioned above can produce the best cuts. But you should also know how to keep them in good shape. You can use the sharpening stone to hone the cutting edge of pole pruners, loppers, and hand pruners. To fix the dull pruning saws, you should take the help of professionals or replace the blades. Whether is a tree trimmer electric or manual trimmer, it is important to do the maintenance of the tools to keep them in good shape. While cutting the branches of trees by using the above-mentioned tools, you should sanitize them in between to reduce the probability of spreading diseases. The cuts form after pruning make the perfect entryway for disease organisms. 

Thus, it is recommended to prune and trim the trees during the dormant season. Use rubbing alcohol to disinfect the tools. You can also use bleach and Pine-Sol for disinfecting tools, but they can also lead to corrosion. You should completely dry your tool before making the next cut. Once you have completed the trimming process, you should thoroughly clean the cutting blades. It is recommended to get rid of the sticky sap by cleaning the blade with a rag dipped into a certain type of solvent.

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