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What Type of Anniversary Band Would Go Well with My Wedding Band?

The time has come to choose an anniversary band. The following guidelines will help you choose a wedding band and an Engagement Rings Direct that will complement each other beautifully.

It’s important to pick an anniversary ring that goes well with the rest of your wedding jewelry, including the wedding band and the engagement ring.

The items should have complementary forms and dimensions since you will wear them together as well as individually. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for an anniversary ring to complement your wedding and engagement bands.

Where on your finger

If you were to wear an anniversary ring, which finger would it be on? Whether you want to wear it with other wedding jewelry, on a separate finger of the same hand, or the other hand, your preference for finger and hand placement may guide your ring selection. There is no “wrong” hand or finger to put an anniversary ring on, so just go with your preference.

Settings and metals

It’s traditional to have anniversary rings be made of the same precious metal as the wedding and engagement bands. If you want a timeless and hassle-free wedding set, it’s best if all the pieces are made of the same metal. This is not the case for other types of jewelry (fine or costume jewelry), but it is the case for wedding rings. Coordinate with the kind of setting you’ve chosen for your engagement ring, whether it’s a four-prong setting, a channel setting, or something else entirely.

Focusing on quality first

Keep in mind that in evaluating diamond quality, color is more important in larger diamonds than clarity. Smaller stones tend to hide flaws and imperfections better than larger ones. If you have to skimp on only one of the four Cs of a diamond, make it color.

Nicely Proportioned

There is a wide selection of anniversary bands to choose from. When trying to coordinate an anniversary ring with your existing wedding jewelry, think about the width and height of each piece. If you don’t want an odd-looking set, pick a ring with dimensions that are close to those of your engagement ring.

Cooperate as a group

To celebrate your special day, choose a diamond anniversary ring. A traditional diamond anniversary ring and the more modern eternity ring are two examples of popular designs. A diamond ring is both beautiful and significant, and there are many different designs from which to pick. Whether you’re going for a simple or elaborate wedding set, diamond bands will look beautiful together and complement each other. Diamond bands work especially well with halo-style engagement rings.

Color-blindness vs racism

Color diamond rings are another popular anniversary gift like ring , with certain stones being associated with particular anniversaries. You may pick a beautiful gemstone that fits your budget and personal taste since they are widely available in a wide variety of settings and prices. Keep in mind that if you plan on wearing your diamond anniversary ring on the same finger as your marriage and engagement bands at australia store  Engagement Rings Direct , you should choose a stone whose color and cut complement those of your other rings. You may always carry the ring on the other hand if you don’t want to choose a complementary hue.

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