Why do MEP Shop Drawings play an important role in building construction?

MEP stands for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing which are one of the most crucial and necessary elements of any building. The term MEP Shop Drawing is a combination of Architectural, Civil, and Structural 2D drawings which are known as Shop Drawings. It plays a very important role in the construction process for MEP Engineers as it is a stepping stone for any design of a building structure. It is also called the blueprint of the project as it contains every step and instructions for carrying out the construction process. It is very unique drawing as it plays an important role in laying the foundation and is considered as a backbone of any building.

MEP Shop Drawings are designed by the MEP Engineers, BIM Modelers, and Contractors in order to have uniformity in various designs of the building. It becomes crucial to have the MEP Shop Drawings done right because if your MEP Drawings are not planned and executed properly, many problems are going to arise in the future. For example, if your Mechanical Drawings are not correct, it will affect the whole structure. When your Electrical and Plumbing Drawings are not well planned, the building will be inhabitable and the costs of the project will increase. So, it becomes very important to have these MEP Drawings done right. In this blog, we will discuss the role of MEP Shop Drawings and why they are important in constructing a building.

Here are some of the major reasons because of which the MEP Shop Drawings play an important role in building construction:

  1. Accurate Designs

As we know, MEP Shop Drawings are designed by the MEP Consultants, BIM Engineers, and Contractor, they know exactly what type of materials are going to be used according to various building components. They have a scaled assembly line of these products which includes everything like dimensions, placement of the elements like piping connections, measurements, etc. So, this gives a clear idea of the building to the contractors and MEP Engineers, and chances of an error occurring in the construction process are reduced to a great extent. These MEP Shop Drawings can be referred to during the construction process and in near future as well when the contractors are working on a similar project.

  1. Precise Cost Estimation

Costs in any type of Engineering Project are the biggest challenge to overcome in order to keep in the clients’ budget. A little less or more change in the budget is acceptable, but when there are huge changes in the costs, it becomes very important to review the designs and drawings again. If a component is placed by a mistake, it becomes very costly to design, manufacture, and reassemble that component. MEP Shop Drawings already contain very accurate information about the building components and their placement as well. As a result, a lot of costs and time can be saved by having proper MEP Shop Drawings before the construction process starts.

  1. Built-in documentation for reference

Whenever HVAC Pipes get broken or misplaced, the MEP Engineers and contractors can quickly refer to the MEP Shop Drawings and tell where is the exact problem and fix it. Every detail related to the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing aspect of the building is present in the MEP Shop Drawings and the latest BIM Software contains all the required documentation related to the MEP components. So they can be referred during the construction process, whenever required or any error occurs, or just to make sure that the construction process is executed properly. MEP Shop Drawings are also required by the licensing authorities to give permission to construct the building after all the standards are followed.

  1. Easy access and training

We have seen some great technological advancements in the world, especially in the AEC Industry. The MEP Engineers can share all the set of MEP Shop Drawings to different teams across the departments through the latest software for their reference. The software is compatible with Laptops, Mobiles, and Tablets as well. So, this helps to maintain the coordination and to train the employees, especially freshers becomes easy as they have access to all the data. So they can refer to the MEP Shop Drawings at any point of time during the construction process.

  1. Product Standardization

You can maintain the uniformity of the products by following a specific set of standards that will be used in the construction process. When everything is standardized in a building, it becomes easier to get all the permits and licenses from the government. Also, if you cannot maintain the standards or don’t know which type of standards are to be followed, you can always hire an MEP Engineering Firm that will guide you in every aspect of your construction process.


As you have read all the above factors or reasons, it is now clear that MEP Shop Drawings have played and always will play a crucial role in building construction. There are lots of benefits of MEP Engineering Services that help the contractors in building strong and reliable buildings with the help of experienced MEP Engineers. If you are looking to hire dedicated MEP Engineers, look no further because Silicon Valley is the right choice to outsource your next MEP Engineering Services to us.

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