Yikou Pure E series water purifier doubles the flavo [July 2023]r of tea making and cooking

 Yikou Water Purification, which has been focusing on water treatment in 1996, has been at the forefront of the whole house water purification industry for many years. During the special period of the epidemic, Yikou still maintained a leading position in the industry and continued to invest in product research and development. As a high-end brand with nearly a hundred years of technology accumulation, Yikou’s core competitiveness lies in its ability to customize whole-house water purification system solutions and provide exclusive services with century-old clean service based on the increasingly differentiated needs of consumers. . Yikou’s flagship pure E series water purifier is launched on the market. What kind of surprises will it bring us?

  As a reverse osmosis water purifier, the Yikou Pure E series has a filtration accuracy of up to 0.0001 micron. The original imported RO membrane filter element can effectively remove residual chlorine, bacteria, insect eggs, sediment, heavy metals and other harmful substances in the water, and restore the water Original taste. The smooth, pure water tastes a little sweet, which makes tea and cooking more flavorful.

Pure water taste Yikou pure E series water purifier will be launched soon

  The pure E series water purifier makes the water taste a little sweet, thanks to the fact that all series of products are equipped with imported KX compressed activated carbon rod filter elements (the United States KX technologiesLCC, is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of compressed activated carbon filter elements. Cutting-edge technology, high-content activated carbon and high-pressure technology lead the industry. Marmon Water and Yikou belong to Berkshire Hathaway under the charge of Warren Buffett . The high-quality compressed coconut shell activated carbon can effectively remove residual chlorine, odor, and odor in water. Improve the taste, high-quality water can effectively prevent the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables from being destroyed, and lock in nutrients without losing.

  KX post-compression activated carbon filter element uses the highest quality top raw materials, through a unique extrusion technology to produce reliable adsorption capacity, improve adsorption performance, can provide unlimited potential for the development of high-performance water filtration products, KX activated carbon is the first to pass EPA (P231) Products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for sterilization and purification can remove 99.99% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and 99.99% of cysts. . Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS at AO Voucher Code NHS

Pure water taste Yikou pure E series water purifier will be launched soon

  However, the water purification equipment on the market still has pain points such as the small amount of water in the daily end drinking fountain and the long wait for use. The 800G high-throughput model of the pure E series has a 2L water purification flow per minute, which can quickly produce water, drink and filter. It only takes 6 seconds to fill a 200ml cup.

Pure water taste Yikou pure E series water purifier will be launched soon

  Wastewater ratio is a unique concept of reverse osmosis water purifiers. While producing 1 cup of pure water, the reverse osmosis water purifier needs to drain a part of the waste water, and the pure waste water ratio determines whether it “saves water”. The RO water purifier has water efficiency grades from 1 to 5, the first-level water efficiency of the reverse osmosis water purifier is ≥60%, and the water efficiency of the new Yikou pure E series is as high as 65%, which is higher than the new national standard first-level water efficiency , Only 2 cups of pure water has one cup of waste water, which is more energy-saving and water-saving.  Save with Amazon Voucher Code NHS ,  Amazon Discount Code UK ,  Amazon Discount Code and Amazon NHS Promo Code   at Amazon nhs Discount Code

  At the same time, the new Yikou Pure E series also has a brand-new extension in the linkage of the mobile phone applet, water temperature, water shortage, water leakage reminder, filter replacement reminder… The product status is clear at a glance, and you can worry about water.

Pure Water Taste Yikou Pure E Series Water Purifier goes on sale

  The water filtered by the Yikou Pure E series water purifier can make the tea soup bright in color and high in aroma, which has a significant effect on the aroma of the tea. After drinking, there will be a sweet feeling and the entrance is sweet and pure and smooth; As for cooking, the simmered soup is mellow and delicious, and the soup is clear in color, rich in taste, smoother to drink, and makes the ingredients taste more delicious, and has an obvious effect of enhancing the freshness and flavor. The Yikou Pure E series water purifier significantly improves the taste of every sip of water, with a clear taste and a sweet aftertaste! Let drinking water become a kind of enjoyment.  —> You can submit your guest post article at Write for us and Baby Products

About Yikou

  ECOWATER is a subsidiary of Warren Buffett, born in 1925, founder Mr. Lindsay invented and patented a fully automatic household water softener. As a foreign-funded brand, Yikou’s core advantage lies in the fact that it has 4 R&D centers around the world and the core components of its products are imported from abroad; as a high-end water treatment brand, Yikou is the first to put forward the concept of “Four Steps of Water Purification in a Whole House” and provide ” The whole house water purification system solution based on water conditions. Aiming at various users of different regions, water quality and needs, focusing on user needs, flexibly and exclusively customizing family water purification solutions, through the personalized service of “100 years of cleanliness, perfect service”, we advocate to create the most comfortable home ecology for each family. Create a high-quality and healthy water life for every family member.

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