6 Creative Designer Cakes Ideas For 2022

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Designer Cakes are the fashion must-haves for occasions and extraordinary events. Trending as ever, designer cakes, also recognized as fondant cakes, demand appeal. Effortlessly enhanced with luscious caricatures, These can be personalized in phases of design and flavours or in a drool-worthy theme you need. One of their well-explored classes is Birthday designer Cake. Nowadays, a birthday bash without a fondant cake is deemed sugarless. So, a theme cake is a must-have to get the celebration properly.

If you think that the world is limit to only a limit type of cakes and flavours. You must hold on. Many fondant cake alternatives are available. And listing them in one inhalation is not conceivable. So to make things immediately simpler. We are listing the six most creative designer birthday cakes. You can order or send cake online through various online stores that can help you bag bundles of gratitude in a birthday celebration!

Pirate Skull Cakes

Although the Pirate skull cake title sounds unusual and might keep you apart from purchasing it for your birthday, you should feel the sheer joy of cutting this unusual themed cake with your buddies and family and making everyone enjoy the cake slices thoroughly. This cake is elegantly design in the human skull & coated with buttercream. The fondant importance given to the cake makes it look beautiful and straightforward. You can buy it to amaze your guests and make their eyes get more scattered after seeing such an unusual birthday cake.

Pinata cakes

Pinata cakes are one of the most popular designer cakes . We have plenty of options in pinata cake-like circle shape, heart shape, with a hammer, without hamper & several more. These cakes would stand out for your birthday shows; they have impressive hidden wonders inside. Send this designer cake to your cherished ones on their birthday and make them feel extraordinary. Pull-me-up cakes

Birthdays have perpetually to be overwhelming and different. Adding another piece of designer cakes for birthdays that is pull-me-up cakes. A wicked chocolate cake surround by a see-through plastic sheet & as you pull up the sheet there is an eruption of chocolate all across the cake. People are going gaga over this attractive and sweet cake being classic designer cake.

Flamingo Cake

Do you know every cake has a purpose? Yes, If we speak about various designer birthday cakes here, We must know the purpose behind each cake. Ever caught the saying, “In a world packed with pigeons be a flamingo”?

The flamingo spirit animal expresses beauty, harmony, and elegance. The animal is known for its unusual shade, height, and grace. Flamingo cake has grown into a design symbol of the time. The long legs and rich pink feathers make them look appealing. So imagine a fondant cake of flamingo magnifying the middle table during your birthday celebration.

Watermelon Cake

If someone adores fruit cakes, you can get them lip-smacking watermelon cakes. Or you can indulge yourself with the best birthday online cake delivery in Noida available to your doorstep. This fruity & juicy layered cake is the latest way to commemorate birthdays to complete bliss and happiness. Savouring its slices with your special ones will give you excellent pleasure and fun feelings. This cake is design in watermelon and embellished with tiny chocolate chips. Currently it is an unusual summer cake, you can enjoy its taste in every season in a fantastic way.

Air balloon with designer cake

A customized air balloon with designer cakes for anniversaries has been one of the most innovative. We can add a coat of developed photos inside the cake with ribbon to present a charming and out-of-the-blue look on the anniversary. The air balloons can be customize as printed happy anniversary name, or any other tag of your preference.

Chocolate Flower Cake

Flowers don’t require an occasion to commemorate. Why not add it to cakes? Moreover, What could be more valuable than a lush chocolate flower cake? A pleasure and easy way to enhance any cake. Many types of chocolate flower cakes are available where rich and flamboyant fondant flowers adorn the top. If you are a chocolate enthusiast, Add designer birthday cakes to your celebration.

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