8 Best Local SEO Tips

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Are you wondering how to boost your local SEO and get discovered more easily on the internet? This article will walk you through the eight local SEO tips for you to use for developing your business in 2022 and further.

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1. A Google Business Profile

If you are beginning with local SEO, you are possibly thinking about how to list your business on Google as the best SEO company in Kolkata. You need to create a Google business profile listing if you do nothing else for boosting your local SEO. This process will help you list yourself on the yellow pages of the web.

It is one of the best factors that help in influencing local SEO. Setting up a Google business profile is not complicated and your profile needs to be 100% completed. You need to ensure to fill out every field to have a 100% completion rate for your profile.

Give enough time on developing a beautiful business description and list out the products and services your company offers. As a digital marketing agency, you need to publish engaging and frequent posts to get more reviews on your business page. Do not forget to add frequently asked questions and answers as it is one of the best SEO tips for Google’s business profile.

2. Ensure To Use The Top Keywords

You need to be using keywords as a part of your local SEO strategy and choose the keywords that people are truly using while doing searches. To discover what people are looking for, you can do Keyword research with multiple tools available online that provide you with a clear picture of the number of keywords most relevant to your brand and industry.

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Proper keyword research also provides you with a sense of competition rate for ranking for multiple keywords. The keyword research process can help you discover keyword phrases that are searched frequently and not quite competitive to rank for. It is how it can help you boost your search results and enhance the overall local SEO.

3. Add Location In Particular Parts Of Your Website

It is not sufficient to only have your location listed on your website. Strategically putting your location data can help you increase your SEO. When a web page lists data regarding your products and services, you may ensure that your location is listed in particular 5 places. These include the body copy, the footer, the meta description, the title tag and the headings.

Contacting an SEO company in Kolkata can be helpful because they will provide you with the perfect idea to put the URL location whenever it is relevant.

4. Motivate Clients For Online Review

You offer a valuable product or service to your community and due to that, you can have a long list of regular and happy customers. These clients are priceless and when you want to promote your brand in other regions, one of the best ways to use their loyalty for your company is to motivate them to write online reviews. You can also opt for review management by reaching out to a digital marketing agency, allowing them to manage all your reviews.

There are multiple ways to motivate customers to leave reviews for your company. Your staff can ask the clients for their regular feedback and engage with reviews already existing for your online business and provide them with an incentive to keep a review note. When you are following the incentive route, make sure to make the most out of surveys when you are getting good reviews.

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5. Create A Mobile Friendly Website

Optimising your website for mobile is essential when you want to have good search engine optimisation in general. It is essential when it comes to local SEO in particular. Google comes with its own statistics and it points out the fact that approximately 1/3 of mobile searches are related to location. It indicates that multiple people looking for a particular service in your area will be doing that on a mobile device.

If your website does not work perfectly on smartphones or different mobile devices, you might lose a good number of possible customers. Do not use any website which is unoptimised for mobile devices because the experience can be impractical, frustrating and not confidence-inspiring. If your website is not optimised for mobile your possible customers are expected to move on to the competitors’ website whose website works properly on mobile devices. The best way to get your website optimised is to reach out to an SEO company in Kolkata and allow the professionals to take over.

6. Optimise Local SEO With Content

It is quite popular for SEO marketing to revolve around non-local content. While non-local content is not a bad idea when it comes to engagement with a broader audience and getting more traffic to your website from non-local people, it is not particularly essential. You need to create local content that can help in increasing the effects of your content marketing to provide you with high quality leads.

Develop content revolving around the events in local news or in your industry. Adding local keywords into general topics associated with your service or product can also be helpful.

7. Let The Local Directories Have Your Website

Google my business is not only the business directory on the web. There are multiple directories that help people discover local services and you need to ensure that you are listed there. If you want to get yourself listed on national and global directories, you need to submit the website to the directories.

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Bing Places, Foursquare, and Angi are some of them. Business directories specifically focused on local regions can help you boost the search engine rankings and make sure that you always attract new leads.

8. Make Use Of LinkedIn

Use LinkedIn with short content forms and allow users to discover your website. Contact a digital marketing agency for creating long-form content which can get you some sort of interaction. Creating a community for building the trust of your users will be the next step so that they can continue and come back to look forward to your services and products.

Ensure having a personal LinkedIn profile and not only a company page. Create compelling headlines highlighting your personality and work. Focus on your role, experience and value as it is one of the biggest winning formulas for your personal headline.

Wrapping Up

Every business can profit from increasing and boosting its local SEO. One of the biggest reasons for it is that Google is widely used nowadays. People are also looking for local businesses and purchasing sooner than others as compared to the earlier days. So, as an SEO company in Kolkata, you can benefit some businesses to stand out better than others. Some of them include bars and restaurants, law offices, medical Services, real estate pet services and plumbers.

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No matter the industry you are in, you can always benefit from contacting a digital marketing agency like Hub Media. We can help you attract qualified customers and leads and reduce your advertising costs. You can reach clients across a wide variety of platforms and get discovered by non locals and develop your local fan base as well.



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