Dance can be a Life Changer! – Online Dance Classes for kids [July 2023]


 “Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.” — Unknown

Even before learning to speak, one learns to dance. You’ve probably seen footage showing infants grooving to the music. That’s how dance and music take up space in our lives from the very beginning. Whether you want to flaunt your dance moves or just sway to the live music, dance has found its way into our lives. We Indians love to dance so much that we occasionally host gatherings only to dance. We don’t even need a reason to dance.

The best thing about dance is that it doesn’t discriminate. It goes beyond race, color, size, age, gender, ability, and disability. That is what makes dance a healer. It just doesn’t heal your body, it heals your mind and soul. Dancing is synonymous with meditation. If you don’t yet dance, you are losing out on so many experiences in your life. It is a time to warm up and pull up your dancing shoes. Don’t confuse dancing with being something professional, it isn’t. Dancing is all about letting oneself go and simply grooving to the beat.

We are from a country that gave the world Bollywood. Bollywood taught us that every occasion deserves to be celebrated with a dance. The synchronization, expressions, foot movements, and costumes compel you to groove to the beat. Have you ever noticed that simply doing random bhangra at a party lifts your spirits?

If nothing else, Bollywood has taught us that dancing is a language in and of itself. It’s a way of expressing yourself that makes you feel ecstatic. Dance is the ultimate solution to the multitude of problems in one’s life.

Some people avoid dancing because they believe they lack the necessary skills; however, there are no rules for dancing; it is an ASMR that brings a smile to one’s face. Dancing also enhances your quality of life in unforeseen ways. Various studies have shown that dance helps a person improve physically and cognitively. It rewires the brain accordingly. It has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia in older people and helps preserve motor abilities in people. 

Dancing is a great way to keep your physical and mental health in check. For those who hate exercise, dance is the best way to keep your health in check. Make sure you’re consistent because that’s the key. If going to a dance class bothers you just as much as going to the Gym, Online Dance Classes for kids are for you. Learning dance online will become just as fun with ucanji dance classes. It is an online dance learning platform teaching dance forms from Bollywood to contemporary and what not. The platform offers 12+ dance forms courses that are carefully crafted for every individual, who wants to have fun while working on their skills, anytime, anywhere. If you’re interested in learning dance and want to study from the finest platform, just go to Ucanji’s official website.

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