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MOT Test Northampton

The Ministry of Transport is a new department that checks whether or not the vehicle running on the road are safe. The authority ensures road safety and environmental standards. Commonly known by MOT test, a short for ministry for Transport.

This test is a legal requirement that one must perform every year car to check the car’s working condition. There are many garages in the UK that provide you with amazing Mot services at a good price. The significance of the MOT test is extremely high that most motorists are unaware of. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to know about MOT Test Northampton before you start driving.

Most Important Facts About MOT Test-

  1. The MOT test is a mandatory test to keep up with the working condition of your vehicle. It is a test that one must carry out every year once the car completes 3 years of driving. If you recently bought a new vehicle, there is no need for an MOT test until three years. However, once it crosses the age bar, it will become mandatory to get its MOT test.
  2.  Getting an MOT test is essential for driving on the roads of the UK. If you have a passing certificate of MOT test. If you don’t have an MOT certificate the police will charge a high penalty against you. It is a mandatory test and you should always have the passing certificate of MOT test of your car. It is extremely important as it is one of the crucial roles in the UK to get the MOT test of your car. Driving with no certificate or faulty car can lead to a ban on license and seize of vehicle.
  3. An MOT test comprises checking all the essential components of your car. They check all the safety parts, including your car tyres, seat belt, engine, suspension, brakes, wipers, mirrors, lights, etc. While not checking the internal components, like fillers, coolant, engine oil, etc. In short, all the elements of your vehicle taking part in providing you safe while driving are checked to ensure their proper working while others are not. Some of the most important parts of your car are car tyres, break, and the cleanliness inside your vehicle. These there are the major reasons for MOT test failure.
  • Car Tyres – Your tyres must be balanced, aligned have a tread depth of more than 1.6mm. There are certain conditions that your tyres should be in good working condition as they are quite popular for providing safety. Your car tyres should be of good quality, the rubber surface must be in good condition, it shouldn’t have punctures, cuts, and bulges on its surface.
  • The Brakes – These are the second most reason for MOT failure. If the stopping distance increases, your vehicle will cause problems while driving especially on wet road surfaces. Your car needs to have properly working brakes. It is the only part that can bring your car to stop.
  •  Cleanliness – Your car must be clean and hygienic from the inside. It is very important to have a safe and clean space for yourself while driving.

Also, there is a big misconception that the MOT test is more or less like car servicing. So, let’s just clear this point, MOT tests, and car servicing are two different types of maintenance tasks. The MOT test is more like a necessary examination to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle. While Car service is the process of repairing all the major and minor faults in your vehicle.

There are Many Points of Difference Between the Two Like

– MOT is a mandatory examination test while car servicing is not mandatory. You can service your car anytime you like.

– There are no legalities or regulations on car servicing, while MOT tests follow certain rules.

– The MOT test is performed every year while car servicing can be performed twice a year or even more. It is more like a repair and refurbishing of your vehicle. The MOT test is just an examination where various parts are checked by performing different tests.

You must be aware of the importance of the MOT test Northampton if you are living in the UK. You must have the vehicle in the best working condition. Your vehicle must be road-worthy to be driven on the roads of the UK. 

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