How covid-19 has affected the mental health of people[July 2023]

The pandemic has caused so many deceases around the world. Especially in Europe and America the death tolls have crossed more than 3 million in the last two years. Lockdown was imposed globally due to the rise in covid-19 cases and deaths caused by it. It has also affected people mentally around the world. People went into depression because they were isolated at home due to the lockdown.  

Due to the depression, many people have committed suicides because they couldn’t hold their anxiety and depression. Along with the problems, the corona has taught us many things as well. The most important thing corona has taught us is that money and materialistic possessions are never going to save you. They are just for flexing.

A survey was conducted which says that around 60% of the adults went into depression due to the pandemic. Two-thirds of the young generation also felt depressed during the lockdown. The pandemic has caused both adults and young to go through depression because of the restrictions imposed. None could go out and everyone was asked to stay at home.  People who have already experienced mental health issues, their mental health got worse in the pandemic.

What caused poor mental health in the pandemic?

1) No social interaction: Not being able to interact with anyone is one of the major causes of depression. During the lockdown, people were asked to stay at home and no one could roam around. Schools, colleges, universities, and even offices were closed. The employees were asked to work from home.

2) People got bored: While sitting at home people got bored. There was nothing to do for people other than watch TV and mobile. Younger ones found themselves more bored because they had nothing to do. Schools and colleges were already shut down and apart from this due to the lockdown, they were not allowed to meet their friends too.

3) Anxiety of being the victim of corona: A lot of people were scared of getting caught by corona.  This caused them anxiety and depressions because they were witnessing people who got corona are dying or are on verge of dying. So a lot of people were scared of this. In the first wave, most of the cases of the corona were of adults and old age people. Adults were more depressed due to this situation.

4) Loneliness: People who already lived alone before the pandemic went through more mental health issues because in the pandemic they could not meet their friends and families. Mobile was the only way to talk to them and know their health.

5) Losing jobs; As the businesses were shut during the lockdown, many people lost their jobs around the world. This was one of the major issues of mental illness, especially among men.  People who went jobless in the pandemic found it hard to provide for their families. After losing their job, some people could not afford even a single time meal for themselves and their families.

6) Lack of medical care in the hospitals: Since hospitals were full of covid patients so there were no extra beds left for regular patients. This caused many people mental problems because they could not find themselves proper doctors, medical staff because all of them were busy with covid patients.


Every six months there is a new variant of the corona. This means it’s not going to stop until the next two to three years. So you must take care of your health. Wear a mask, maintain social distancing and avoid going to public places.

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