Some tips for applying perfect lipstick like a pro [July 2023]

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Lipsticks have been the most popular form of cosmetic items for decades. It certainly is one of the essential fashion accessories. Thus, most women cannot go without lipstick in their makeover routine. Lipstick is the go-to make-up for every one of us to quickly pull a look together. There are all shades of these available in shops in lipstick boxes wholesale.

However, everybody is not knowledgeable about applying lipstick properly. It is also an art of which not everyone can be an expert. For those struggling to master the skill of applying lip color, there are a few hacks to apply lipstick perfectly.

Steps to apply lipstick perfectly:

People look for perfect lipstick with glamorous shade. However, even if one has found the best long-wear lipstick applying perfect lipstick is not that easy. It might fade as soon as applied, or it might be cringed and spread to the mouth or teeth. For people, always apply lipstick like a pro can seem downright impossible.

There are some tips and tricks for applying lipstick like an expert. These will enable one to have a perfect pout every single time.

Preparation of Lips:

Lips need proper prepping beforehand. Lipstick will instead make lips look uneven, flakey, or patchy. Thus, it is necessary to exfoliate lips first. For this, gently go over lips with something soft to remove any rough or loose skin. Then apply a little moisturizer like lip balm onto lips. Let the balm sit for a few minutes to soak in so that it does not impair the indelibility of lipstick. These steps will ensure that lips do not have any dry spots that hinder the perfect lipstick look.

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Make a base with foundation or lip primer:

Every person has a different lip tone and color that may cause discoloration of lipstick. In these cases, foundation and lip primer are the best base for lipstick. These even out lip color and also may act as moisturizing agents. Choose the shade of foundation or lip primer that matches lip color and dab a little with a flat or small brush. These steps will ensure that lipstick does not sink into lips. Also, these help lipsticks stay on longer and prevent color changes.

Trace with lip liner:

Lip liners define the natural shape of your lips and prevent lipstick from getting messy. It is necessary to use a good quality lip liner for defining, reshaping, and perfectly contouring the lips. Make sure the lip liner pencil is always sharpened to ensure that it draws a defined and long-lasting outline. Sharpening is also necessary for sanitary reasons. The most important factor in this step is that the lip liner should be the same color as your lipstick.

There is a simple guide for applying lip liner. For this, trace over your natural lip line from one corner to another with a liner. A famed trick is creating an ‘X’ shape on your upper lip to make the lip line more prominent. The use of lip liner around or all over lips before lipstick can turn virtually any lipstick into long-wear. Finishing with lip liner after lipstick to clean up the edges at the end will make the look even more definite. Thus, tracing with lip liner will help achieve a more defined, precise, and polished look.

Applying lipstick:

The first step is the selection of lipstick; there are many options in stores with lipstick boxes wholesale. Take the lipstick onto a lip brush and apply it evenly to cover the lip liner exactly. Applying with a lip brush gives a more even and precise application and helps lipstick stay on longer. Do not miss out on the inner corners but put it within the corners of lined lips. For this, it is better to apply two coats at least. Although one good coat of quality lipstick will suffice, layering can make it last longer.

Applying perfect lipstick

It is not easy to make the lipstick look even. When putting on lipstick, start from the middle of the lips and work outward. One can control application better and mitigate any mess-ups by concentrating lipstick to the fullest part of lips. Sometimes giving a small smile while applying will make sure that it is getting in there.


To conclude, one needs to follow a few steps in a sequence to apply perfect lipstick like a pro. Firstly, prepare lips by exfoliating and moisturizing. Then make a base with lip primer or base and define lip line with lip liner. Finally, apply lipstick to lips evenly to make them attractive.

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