Steps To Perfect Carpet Cleaning

Carpets add beauty to the inner spaces of your home. Depending on the type of carpet, the room may look formally elegant and luxurious or casual and comfortable.  During winters, the floor can become extremely cold making it very uncomfortable to walk on. Carpets are available in different sizes, they have different thickness, width, length and utility, and hence, the process of cleaning also differs, and you need to hire the cleaning professionals accordingly.  So, in a way, it helps you save on your heating expenses with less consumption of electricity and gas as your room is already sufficiently warm.

Buying A Good Carpet & Then Hiring Professionals for Deep Cleaning:

Buying a good-quality carpet is an expensive investment. Care needs to be taken to keep it clean and spotless. Dirt, grime, and stains, besides making the room seem shoddy and unkempt, can be detrimental to the health of your family.

  • A dirty and soiled carpet attracts germs and can prove to be very unhygienic. Your regular carpet cleaning methods like dusting, vacuuming, removing spots and stains with DIY processes keep your carpet superficially looking clean but it is not possible to thoroughly clean the dirt that gets embedded deep into its fabric and the stubborn stain marks.
  • Herein comes the time to look for a company of repute that offers professional carpet cleaning services near you. They have the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide thorough cleaning of your carpet.
  • There are innumerable carpet cleaning agencies in each city across Australia whose services you can avail of. But before hiring one, you should check their credentials, online reviews and ratings, licenses, and insurance cover to be sure of the service that you shall get. The carpet cleaning industry being an unregulated sector, and hence, you need to check the reputation or the overall impression of the company before you assign any task to them.
Perfect Carpet Cleaning
Perfect Carpet Cleaning

The Steps That Professional Carpet Cleaners Take to Clean Your Carpet: 

Before the professional crew starts the cleaning process, they need to first analyze the fabric of the carpet, its condition, and the kind of spots and stains that need to be removed. Based on their analysis and your requirement and budget, it is decided what type of cleaning method should be undertaken. The 5 main cleaning processes employed by the professionals are:

  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Dry extraction Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning

Once the inspection is done and the process of carpet cleaning is decided, the professionals get down to work.

Steam Carpet cleaning is the commonest and most preferred method in most Australian households. The most stubborn dust and dried-out dirt that may not dislodge from the carpet with your regular cleaning is removed thoroughly, safely, and gently. Hot soft water and a special cleaning solution are deep-sprayed into the fabric. The solution is often a chemical, but it does not affect the fabric, color, and the overall look of the carpet but must be used only professionally. A piece of equipment with powerful suction is then employed to take out the deep-seated dirt, germs, the applied solution, and almost most of the moisture.

Dry extraction carpet cleaning involves the spraying of chemicals or dry shampoo on the carpet. These chemicals bind with the dirt particles and are then vacuumed out. This is a time-saving cleaning process as it requires no drying.


To keep ourselves and our family healthy, efforts need to be taken to ensure that our home and all the contents are clean and hygienic. Since dirty carpets can be the hotbed of germs and bacteria, professional carpet cleaning from time to time is a necessity. There are many local companies and emergency carpet cleaning services, and you can hire them accordingly to get the best benefits and returns.

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