Top Three Styles of Custom Lash Boxes [July 2023]

As we all know, the place of eyelashes on our daily makeup routine gives a gorgeous and bold look to your personality. Particularly, after the COVID-19 pandemic, all people wear masks, and only your eyes explain how you care for yourself and become presentable. So, the use of false eyelashes is increasingly high after COVID-19. But customers buy their products from trustworthy brands that use quality material for the production of eyelashes and tier packaging. For this purpose, custom lash boxes are the best choice to present your eyelashes astoundingly and secure them for a long time. Now let see the types of lash boxes styles for your audiences. 

Sliding Boxes to present your Lashes 

The first style of custom-made eyelash boxes style is sleeve boxes that give an opulent look to your lashes. On this subject, you can use cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated to construct pro lash boxes. This box contains two-part one as a sliding drawer and the other as a sleeve that beautifully covers your boxes. 

Moreover, lashes are always packed with inserts and a tray to place in the box without any problem. So, use a tray and partition to present your lashes carefully. The use of a high-quality 3D design with a bold and earthy color combination makes your custom lash boxes more enticing. Also, you can add the touch of embossing, debossing, metallic shades, and foil stamping to boost the level of your creativity. 

Window Boxes for Eyelash Packaging 

custom lash boxes packaging

Window boxes are also one of the best solutions for your eyelash packaging. It provides transparency of your lashes for your target audiences. On this subject, you can use unique window die cuts on your eyelash boxes as per your product demand. Moreover, you could choose a single-sided window and a double-sided window for your lash packaging. Sometimes, brands choose fully plastic packaging for your lashes, but the window insertion on the cardboard made boxes look fabulous. 

Flip-top Magnetic lid boxes for your Eyelash


lash boxes

Well, if you think about opulent lash packaging for your brand, the use of flip-top eyelash boxes is perfect for your products. It provides super easy unboxing experiences for your customers. Brands use premium quality rigid material in any shape with magnetic lid closure for your lashes. Once your customers open lash packaging, they can easily use this packaging style to store their lashes for a long time. Moreover, you can make them worthy by adding personalized notes and inserts to give value to your trustworthy clients. 

Some More Style Options that You Can Opt 

custom lash boxes

Now, it’s time to know more styles that you can pick to make your custom eyelash boxes with logo catchy. So, you can use hexagonal shape boxes, pillow-shaped boxes, 1-pieces boxes, tuck-end boxes, soft edges square boxes for your lashes. On the other hand, you can use five-panel hangers, wall hanging, and bookend box style for lash packaging to boost their value in the industry. Moreover, choosing esthetic colors for your lash packaging is also important to captivate your customers at a cosmetic retailer shop. So, be cautious while you choose colors, designs, and styles for your eyelash boxes. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

So, the conclusion of the above discussions is to explain the best styles of custom lash boxes for your target audiences. On this subject, you need to use epic styles of eyelash packaging boxes to help you grasp more attraction from your user’s side. In this regard, you can pick flip-top magnetic lid boxes, sleeve or sliding boxes, window boxes, and many other shapes for your eyelash packaging boxes. However, you can pick hexagonal shapes, pillow-shaped and round-shaped, to pack your lashes securely. 

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