Content Strategist for Jeff Sekinger (Remote)

Company: 0 percent

Salary: $50,000 – $70,000 a year



We are looking for a highly skilled and creative individual to join us as a Content Strategist. In this role, your main responsibility will be to generate ideas and topics for content that align with our brands and social media platforms. You’ll need to stay updated on social media trends and algorithms to determine the most effective content for reaching large audiences in specific industry sectors. Your research skills will come into play as you gather information and provide it to our content creators. Additionally, you’ll outline the framework for each content piece, including storyboards and sequences, and oversee its development of the content by working through our creators and editors. The content will primarily consist of videos, graphic designs, and written pieces. It’s important to have a deep understanding of social media trends and be proficient in platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and brand websites. Knowledge of the financial and investment sectors is also essential. Collaboration with our marketing team will be crucial as you work together to plan content strategies, develop outstanding content across multiple platforms, and ensure consistent growth in viewership.


We are 0 Percent! Our company operates in the financial industry, educating and consulting clients on creative financing, investing, trading, and Cryptocurrency. Our mission is to transform our clients’ lives through financial literacy and ultimately empower them to achieve financial independence. We want to see every team member reach their personal, professional, and financial goals through the work we do together. Our core values are the backbone of our business and guide our hiring process. We are Growth Oriented, Transparent, and Committed


  • Content Ideation and Strategy: Develop and execute innovative content ideas that align with current social media trends and algorithms for platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, websites and more.
  • Research and Information Gathering: Conduct comprehensive research on content topics, providing accurate and valuable information to support content creation in creating the content on the given topic. This content will be heavily involved with the financial and trading industry.
  • Instructional Direction and Storytelling: Convey clear and compelling direction through written or visual formats like scripts, stories, or timelines, ensuring seamless execution and engaging storytelling across various content types.
  • Social Media Trend Analysis: Stay ahead of emerging trends, anticipate shifts in audience behavior, and leverage them effectively to create engaging and shareable content.
  • Content Creation Collaboration: Work closely with content creators, video editors, graphic designers, talent and copywriters to curate content visions and ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality and on-brand materials.
  • Proactive Planning and Coordination: Collaborate with the marketing team to plan content calendars, ensuring content ideas, creation instructions, and research materials are prepared 2 weeks or more in advance.
  • Performance Tracking and Optimization: Monitor content performance metrics and use data-driven insights to optimize content strategies for improved reach, engagement, and conversions.
  • Industry and Market Awareness: Stay updated on industry trends, new technologies, and creative investment vehicles to ensure content remains relevant and impactful.
  • Cross-functional Collaboration: Work closely with internal stakeholders, including the social media manager, Marketing manager, CEO to align content strategies with broader marketing initiatives.


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required to be successful in this role, but are not necessarily all inclusive.

  • Trend/Algorithm Identification and Adaptability: Proven ability to identify and leverage trending topics, social media trends and algorithm optimization across multiple platforms.
  • Content Strategy and Ideation: Demonstrated success in developing and executing creative and engaging content ideas within the financial industry.
  • Research and Information Management: Strong research skills and the ability to gather and present comprehensive information for content creators.
  • Storytelling and Instructional Communication: Proficient in conveying clear direction and compelling narratives through written formats like scripts, stories, or timelines.
  • Creative Collaboration: Experience working collaboratively with video editors, graphic designers, and copywriters to bring content visions to life.
  • Social Media Platform Expertise: Extensive knowledge of TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and website platforms, including their unique features and best practices.
  • Industry Expertise: Familiarity with the financial industry, particularly in trading crypto, foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. Understanding of creative investment vehicles such as trading bots or crypto mining.
  • Influencer Branding and Growth Strategies: Understanding of strategies to expand personal brand followings and increase global awareness on various platforms.
  • Planning and Organization: Strong ability to plan ahead, coordinate content calendars, and ensure preparedness for content creation.
  • Data Analysis and Optimization: Proficiency in analyzing content performance metrics and using insights to optimize content strategies.


  • Minimum of 3 years of experience in content creation management or directing, with a focus on video, graphic, and written content. (Required)
  • Minimum of 3 years of proven success in identifying trending topics on multiple social platforms and generating and executing content ideas. (Required)
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience conducting research and providing comprehensive information for content creators. (Required)
  • Minimum of 3 years of creating content storyboards, outlines, and step-by-step instructions. (Required)
  • Minimum of 3 years of gather and present comprehensive information for content creators or for presentation use. (Required)
  • Knowledge and experience in the financial and investment sectors, including trading crypto, foreign exchange, stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. (Required)
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing, communications, journalism, or a related field. (Preferred)
  • Experience in content creation personally, video editing, graphic design, copywriting, or social media management. (Preferred)


  • Ability to spend prolonged periods of time standing, sitting, or walking.
  • Ability to work in an enclosed office environment.
  • Must be able to lift at least 25 lbs.
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential requirements.


  • 100% Remote Position
  • Paid Time Off
  • Health insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Hospital insurance
  • Access to our product and services at large discounts and some instances free


As an equal opportunity employer committed to meeting the needs of a multigenerational and multicultural workforce, 0 Percent recognizes that a diverse staff, reflective of our community, is an integral and welcome part of a successful and ethical business. We hire local talent at all levels regardless of race, color, religion, age, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability and actively foster inclusion in all forms both within our company and across interactions with clients, candidates, and partners.

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