Digital Citizenship | Nine Elements of Citizenship

Digital citizenship refers to responsibility use of technology for students who want to use internet.

Prepare students for the global technology service demand of the future, in which different stakeholders which involve parent’s teachers, students, professional, administration, and other personals. Nowadays where we all want the digital platform, there are still many issues related to students and their surrounding is that some students may not have digital devices or internet facilities for studies due to social-economic factors. It helps in building the character of the student and teaches the student that how to behave with dedication and integrity.

Two Pillars of Digital Citizenship
Students and teachers must follow all the rules and policies. This is the sign of thesis writing help giving and takes respect for each other while using the school’s internet services. As many students are a part of a cyber-bully which causes low self-esteem, anxiety, and stress which causes some students to not grow properly.

The most essential element is to protect your identity theft. The online thief can scam you and steal your personal information or data like credit card information or any other useful information which you want to be confidential.
Create Password
The first rule of creating a password is that you have to create a strong confidential password and make sure, don’t share your password with anyone even your parents, your girlfriend, or even your siblings, always keep it private.
Student Agency
It is all about given students autonomy for learning as British council their lesson properly and positively enhances their learning experiences. This idea help student to maintain their time and spent their 20% of activity and time in their side projects and different creativity skills which they want in their life.
Digital Commerce
Emphasize you have to know how to trade, how to do business online in an organized way. Moreover, understand the use of money through top thesis writing help the online method. Firstly you have to recognize that what is fake, spam, or what is real for your commerce, as there are many fake and illegal activities are doing daily on the internet globally. On the other side, its benefits are boundary-less like many young entrepreneurs enlarge their business to the next level, also with this, the transaction would be many easy for all.
There are several digital communication like go transverse methods to communicate easily, like our smartphones. We can easily communicate in any medium, whether it’s video call voice call recording, etc. All in one and it’s a basic essential medium for communication.

Access of Internet
Access to the internet is very important in CIPD assignment help terms of digital citizenship; it is related to digital devices through which, we can use internet services for any type of work. Some students may not have these facilities unfortunately because of social-economic factors. Schools universities must have given free internet service, at least in the library to make it convenient for all students.
Every student wants their rights even at the online medium. Students want the right of freedom of speech according to their government laws and constitutions. Remember freedom of speech doesn’t mean hate speech. Hate speech is regulating against privacy and behavior. Make sure, with rights comes responsibility, so you have to respect rather than abuse.

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  1. It describes how we act when we use digital tools for attracting and communicate online through different mediums. This article tells all the different platforms to use digital citizenship with two main pillars.

  2. This blog is informative and useful too as over half of the world using digital citizenship for its colleges, universities, and for their working environment. it’s a better way to communicate with the use of technology.

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