Shopping for new cloths and making it in a combination is a really hectic task but you are not alone in this struggle. Making a trendy fashion is sometime very difficult for us but it is not much more complicated then we think. Here we will discuss some easiest and affordable ways in few seconds for everyday get up. Check out the tips we’ve put together below to learn how you can get started.

1. Wear Clothes that Make You Feel Better:

Fashion not only enhances your appearance, but also helps you feel good. Clothes improve your appearance which in turn makes you feel better and keeps you in a good mood. Another reason is that people are emotionally attached to their clothes. Scientists term this effect of fashion on our mood as “enclothed cognition”.

Clothing can change how we act and how others feel about us.  Wearing “power clothing” makes you feel more confident and domineering. This can improve your motivation, productivity, thinking, and negotiation skills. “Power clothing” consists of a well-tailored suit, like a blazer with pencil skirt and heels. Some studies have even found that clothes carry a tension release dimension, providing wearers with a dose of escapism that positively impacts their mental wellbeing during particularly trying times.

You will feel that you look good and, in turn, that will give you the confidence to work whatever clothing you have chosen which has the effect of people admiring you. It works every time. If you’re ashamed of what you are wearing or uncomfortable in it, that’s the vibe that people will pick up.

2. Choose Muted, Neutral Colors and Bold Accents:

 Muted colors refer to all colors that have low saturation (or chrome). These are subtle colors that are not bright or have been subdued, dulled, or grayed. The opposite of a soft color is a bright, vivid, saturated color. Just look at your mom’s clothes from the 1970s, for example. In order to look effortlessly stylish, you’re going to want a more timeless look, which means sticking to more muted and neutral colors. This can, however, be broken up with bold accent colors, especially on accessories.

Muted colors include tan, black, white, denim/navy blue, and gray.

Good accent colors include most shades of red, many shades of blue, plum/eggplant purple, golden yellow (like rubber ducks or tulips), and emerald green.

Be careful of certain colors. Be wary of other greens and yellows, and generally avoid oranges, as these colors are very prone to going in and out of fashion, but, if you think they are stylish, go for it.

You will probably have found it difficult to allign yourself with any of the Seasons, and the softness of this Color Family will feel quite instinctive. 

Wearing these colors will allow you to look your best and avoid wasting money on clothes that don’t do you justice.

3. Take care of your clothes:

Taking care of your clothes will make you look better, help them last longer, and save you a ton of money when compared to buying new ones. Proper methods of cleaning, drying, and storing your clothes will both extend their life and make them look better. Looking stylish means your clothes are going to have to look well maintained. No stains, no holes, no loose threads, no wrinkles. If you want your clothes to look maintained, then the best way to do that is to maintain them! Keep your clothes clean, fold and store them correctly, and do other basic maintenance as the needs arise (e.g. sewing minor holes). Proper care and maintenance of our clothes is very important for healthy living. Neat and clean clothes are gives us a good feel. Clothes not only cover our body but also improves our personality. Dirty clothes carry many germ and bacteria which can cause infection in our bodies.

What will happen if we do not take care of your clothes?

Accumulation of body oils, the excess oil on your dirty clothes gets reabsorbed into your skin and can cause acne. This can happen when “dirty sheets and dirty clothes can transfer dirt and bacteria into the hair follicle, causing it to clog and become infected,” according to Derma scope.

4. Choose an Appropriate Outfit for every Occasion:

It is best to attend job interviews wearing formal clothes to give the impression that you should be taken seriously. One of the reasons why you should dress suitably for each occasion is because you do not want to feel out of place during the event. Because there are different colours of clothes which represents to be in some kind of atmosphere. So we differentiate party wears to the one we wear in funerals. For an instance if you go to a funeral with a flip-flop and rugged jeans it will mean kind of disrespect to that particular event or atmosphere.

For women, that means a nice dress, skirt, or pantsuit. Men should wear slacks, a button-front shirt, a jacket, and a tie that can be removed later. For a daytime church wedding, a knee-length or tea-length dress is appropriate for women. Men should wear a suit or nice pants, shirt, tie, and a coordinating jacket.

Why do we wear traditional clothes on special occasions and festivals?

Wearing traditional clothes is not just for show off that you value your cultural traditions. But the fact is, wearing traditional clothes at festive occasions is not only to show respect and love but also reflects traditional values of the family.

5. Wearing Accessories:

Accessories give more importance to your personal style, taste and preferences. They also offer unlimited opportunities for clothes, helping you to do the best of each item you have. Clothes take up more space physically in your closet and clothes, but accessories are important details to complete each appearance. Accessories are an important part of your outfit. It makes you look more stylish and attractive. It also gives significance to your personal style, taste and preferences. Accessories make your outfit look more interesting and express your unique style.

Accessories such as necklaces, handbags, scarves and many more emphasize your personal style and taste.

6. Hair Styling:

Enhancing personality and beauty, the first and foremost reason to select a good hairstyle is because they can enhance their look and personality by using the right hairstyles. Long, short, curly or purple, hair says a lot about your personality. Curly and wavy hair means you are fun loving, that is why a person with curly hair is often not taken very seriously, yet those with thick and wavy hair are considered creative, while thick hair alone shows you have strong will power. A woman’s hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. It enhances her personality.

 It’s an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look. With a good hair-do you will feel in control of yourself and ultimately feel confident. Your hair frames your face, it can put emphasis on certain features or balance out your face. The best way to explain the huge affect hairstyles have on your appearance is with some before and after pictures. He looks a lot better with a slick, longer hairstyle.


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