On-Page SEO for Higher Google Ranking | Top 8 Techniques

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Have you ever wondered if the on-page SEO tips that the expert recommending works? Using your target keyword in your URL has an impact on SEO. So we are going to break down some on-page SEO techniques that you can use to get a higher ranking in Google. 

Super Shorts URL 

So according to a handful of SEO companies and they conduct the largest ranking factor studies ever. They discover almost 1,000,000 search results and discovered that short URLs tend to get better than Prolynxs and technologies\ long URLs. Unfortunately, it is sour easy to short URLs on your site; whenever you published your page make the URL short and sweet.

On-Page SEO Checklist for 2021 (Ultimate Guide)

Include Keywords in URL 

It is really simple and easy but it can make a huge difference in your Google ranking. Make sure you can include your target keywords in your URLs.

Use LSI Keyword

LSI keywords are words and phrases that search engines use to understand what your content is all about. Let’s say you writing an article about letter writing and how weird it would be your content don’t include because in the SEO branding design services world these classy related terms are very important and are called LSI keywords. Therefore when you include LSI keywords in your blog or article, it helps Google to understand your content topic. 

Publish Long Content

We found something interesting during the study, something that goes against conventional wisdom in the SEO and content marketing world. That discovery of longer content tends to outrank shorter content. The average word count on the Google word page is 1890 words. Longer contents with logo design service tend to contain more LSI keywords as mention earlier, which makes Google happy. Moreover, Google wants to show the best result to its users for a given keyword.  

Writing content
Writing content

Optimize Your Title Tag for Quick CTR 

You probably already know that you should include your target keyword in your title tag, as this is on-page SEO. But may you don’t know that you also optimize your title tag from Click through rate, because it is a huge Google factor right now. If people search for your keyword and click on the result it sends a strong message to Google that you are a great result for that search.

Use External Links

Google uses external links as an on-page ranking factor. Include 2-5 out bonds links to authority resources in every single best website design service article. However these external may out a small but significant difference in your ranking. 

Use Internal Links

This one is insanely easy. Whenever you want to publish content on any platform, make sure to link back in 3 or 4 older pages on your site. But not just any older pages, pages that you want to rank higher. If you want to get maximum benefits from your internal links, you need to use writing yard statically, which means only uses 2-5 on your page and linking only the pages which you need to boost. 

Use Multimedia 

Use multimedia in your content. Like screenshots, pictures, videos, graphics, and all these multimedia make value to your content and helps people stay on your site a little longer. 

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