What are the 4C’s Of Marketing? | Marketing Concept

Marketing is the combination of factor that include 

  • Positioning strategy 
  • Brand perception 
  • Product value
The 4 C’s of Marketing

The four c’s is the consumer market approach in the marketing mix. It focuses on the potential customer by addressing their existing needs with thesis writing experts and developing a marketing mix around them. The 4cs is using primarily by small business owners when target specializes market and transition from a mass-market to a niche market.

The Four C’s Are


It developed a customer need and then developed a strategy to address it. Target the needs of a unique market segment enables the company to create a customized product rather than one side solution. Its versatile product tries to fulfill the need of the customer within a target segment. Try to research with the best research proposal writing service for your target audience and then market your brand or brand according to their desire for a better outcome. 


Cost evaluates the amount of money, a customer going to exchange for their satisfaction and value for the given product. It was the factor that influences the customer purchasing decision, that trade-off quality, and brand image. Taking this factor into consideration inappropriate value is placed on an item. 


Convenience evaluates the availability in suitable channels through which target customer easily purchase their product according to their needs. Convenience influences the received value of the product. In other words to make your customer satisfied and loyal; your brand is to give convenience and provide quality products and services.


In 2021 marketing is more about communication rather than just promotion your brand with just old-school strategies. It means you have to communicate with your customer and try to make them TEFL assignments, to satisfy as much as you can. Moreover, communication is one of the effective technique to reach out to your target market, it includes

  • Advertising
  • Public relation 
  • Personal selling
  • Viral advertising 

Communication elements ensure to the customer that he is connected with the right market, right channels with the right content at the right time. As a digital marketer you need to update your website writing yard as well as yourself, you don’t just make your website and sit quietly in front of your desk but you have to make sure that your brand would have reached your target audience. Here some ways of digital marketing commination are:

  •  Blog
  •  Link building
  •  Social media platform
  • Customer comments and feedback
  • Allow sharing 

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