Do your Android Apps Keep Crashing? Here’s How to Fix It

Do your Android apps keep crashing

There can be a number of issues that your current android apps have been crashing. Well, not that earlier this wasn’t any common but lately there are some bugs that you can figure out. One of those is the Android Web view which is used to display the content and data of apps in your android phone. To avoid your apps crashing due to it is an easy step to follow which we will explain further in this article. 

The first thing to understand here is that you should not worry or stress about the increasing number of apps crashing. It can be also because of some default troubles that are caused unintentionally. Fixing all of the app crashing issues on smartphones is not difficult at all. We have listed down number of ways through which you can prevent this to happen. But first, let us check on the Android web View bug that has been triggering this in 5G android smartphones. 

How to remove App Crash due to Android Web View? 

If you did not already know, the Android web view is a function added in the android phones. It is a pre-installed program that manages the content and data that is displayed on the apps. A lot of resources on the Internet and Google itself has confirmed about this bug that is affecting apps to crash more. Even the browsers are crashing due to this bug, but Google has considered the issue and put it on a fix. 

For dealing with this yourself, you will have to navigate through the settings. 

  1. On your android phone, go to the settings 
  1. Go to Apps in the options list 
  1. In the Apps section, find the Android WebView and click on the menu through the side three dots on the top 
  1. Press Uninstall Updates 
  1. After the updates are uninstalled, restart your phone. 

This will help your phone apps to not crash in future if they have been crashing due to this bug. However, in case of other problems we have mentioned some of the other steps that you can follow to solve this issue.  

Check if your Android is Updated 

One of the top reasons that your system apps might be crashing is due to the outdated operating system. If your OS is old and not updated, this might affect the applications and programs usage. As a result, you have more and more apps that tend to crash. To avoid such situation, you must always make sure to update your android to the latest updated version. 

Settings > System Update > Check if update is available. 

If your setting show “Update Available” you should make sure to always update your phone to the latest downloads, preferrable android operating system. 

Clearing Cache of the App 

The application that you are using since a period or just some may have a plenty of cache stored in it. This could be one of the major reasons that your application is crashing again and again. To avoid this, you must go the settings of the apps and clear the cache from its storage entirely. This has no side effects, plus it will make your app like a clean slate that will have no crashing problems. 

Settings > Apps & Notifications > See apps > Storage & Cache > Clear Cache 

Simply Restart your Phone 

The foremost and best thing you can instantly try is restarting your phone. This will help the phone take a new start after closing down every app or program running in the background. So eventually you will also have a better overall phone speed and less problems of app crashing. 

Force Stop the Crashing App 

Sometimes the application itself has been going on through several issues due to which it undergoes crashing again and again. All you can do to stop it is to go to the app settings and stop it from updating or running. You can restart the app after you force stop it to see whether there was a personal app issue.  

Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all apps > Force Stop > Start Again 

Bottom Line 

Crashing applications should not be worrisome, especially when there are a lot of solutions out there. Well, the above-mentioned ways can get your app crashing system problems solved conveniently. You can also try re-installing a specific app if any of these methods don’t result in your favour. Some of you might need to look for the best performance and excellent speed phones. We have a perfect recommendation for you that is to visit the official OPPO store in the UK. You can checkout great OPPO phones with free shipping on all the mainland orders and students can get additional 15% to 25% discounts. 

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