Key events from the war in Ukraine so far

When the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, deployed approximately 200,000 soldiers into Ukraine in February of the previous year, he believed that he could swiftly capture Kyiv. However, his initial invasion plan seemed to have failed after a series of retreats. Let’s examine the progression of the war thus far:

In a matter of weeks, Russian troops gained control over significant portions of Ukraine, including the northeastern region and the outskirts of Kyiv. Nevertheless, they encountered significant logistical difficulties, as Russian soldiers, lacking motivation, suffered from shortages of food, water, and ammunition.

Ukrainian forces promptly utilized weapons supplied by Western sources, which proved highly effective in countering Russia’s advance. Failing to capture Kyiv, Russia ultimately withdrew completely from the northern territories. Subsequently, Ukraine achieved a major victory by pushing Russia back from Kharkiv and launching a counter-attack in the vicinity of Kherson.

Currently, Ukraine maintains control over Kherson and has largely contained the Russian advancement in the eastern regions. Senior officials in the Ukrainian army recently informed the BBC that they are prepared to initiate a long-awaited counter-offensive against Russian forces

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