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Rae Lil Black Net worth 2023, Age, Education, Career, Family, Relationship, Bio, Wiki

Rae Lil Black is a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry, as well as a model, Instagram star, YouTuber, online gamer, entrepreneur, and social media personality. Born on August 17, 1996, in Osaka, Japan, Rae Lil Black has gained immense popularity and recognition for her work. With her striking looks and captivating presence, she has managed to establish a strong online presence and a dedicated fan base.

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Full Name: Rae Black

Rae Lil Black’s full name is Rae Black, which perfectly complements her unique persona. She chose the name “Rae Lil Black” to showcase her individuality and make a lasting impression on her audience.

Born Date: 17 Aug, 1996

Rae Lil Black entered this world on August 17, 1996. Her birthday falls under the zodiac sign of Leo, which is associated with confidence, passion, and creativity.

Age: 27 years

Currently 27 years old, Rae Lil Black has accomplished a remarkable amount at such a young age. Her talent, ambition, and determination have propelled her to great heights in her career.

Horoscope: Leo

As a Leo, Rae Lil Black possesses many characteristic traits of this fire sign. Leos are known for their leadership qualities, outgoing nature, and magnetic personality. These traits have undoubtedly contributed to Rae Lil Black’s success in the industry.

Lucky Number: 5

Rae Lil Black’s lucky number is 5. In numerology, the number 5 represents versatility, adaptability, and a desire for freedom. It seems that this number has brought her good fortune and opportunities throughout her journey.

Lucky Stone: Ruby

The ruby is Rae Lil Black’s lucky stone. It is a gemstone associated with passion, courage, and success. The vibrant red color of the ruby reflects her bold and charismatic personality.

Lucky Color: Gold

Gold is the lucky color for Rae Lil Black. This luxurious and radiant hue symbolizes wealth, abundance, and success. It perfectly aligns with her aspirations and achievements.

Best Match for Marriage: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries

According to astrological compatibility, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aries are considered the best matches for Rae Lil Black in terms of marriage. These signs are known to bring excitement, adventure, and intellectual stimulation to a relationship.

Gender: Female

Rae Lil Black identifies as female. She embraces her femininity and uses it to empower herself and inspire others.

Profession: Model, Instagram Star, YouTuber, Online Gamer, Entrepreneur, and Social Media Personality

Rae Lil Black’s professional journey encompasses a wide range of roles and talents. She has made a name for herself as an adult movie actress, model, Instagram star, YouTuber, online gamer, entrepreneur, and social media personality. Her versatility and dedication have allowed her to thrive in multiple fields.

Country: Japan

Rae Lil Black hails from Japan, a country known for its rich culture, technological advancements, and vibrant entertainment industry. Her Japanese roots have influenced her unique style and approach to her work.

Height: 5 feet 5 inches (1.65m)

Rae Lil Black stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters). Her petite yet alluring stature adds to her allure on screen and in her modeling endeavors.

Marital Status: Single

As of now, Rae Lil Black is single. She remains focused on her career and personal growth, captivating audiences with her talents and charisma.

Net Worth: $1 million

Rae Lil Black has achieved considerable success in her various endeavors, amassing a net worth of $1 million. Her hard work, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed to her financial success.

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Rae Lil Black’s captivating dark brown eyes are often described as mesmerizing and intense. They enhance her beauty and help her establish a deep connection with her audience.

Hair Color: Black

With her luscious black hair, Rae Lil Black exudes elegance and sophistication. Her hair color complements her striking features and adds to her overall allure.

Body Size: 36-26-39 inches

Rae Lil Black boasts a stunning figure with body measurements of 36-26-39 inches. Her hourglass shape and well-proportioned physique make her a sought-after model and actress.

Birth Place: Osaka

Rae Lil Black was born in the vibrant city of Osaka, Japan. Known for its rich history, bustling streets, and culinary delights, Osaka has undoubtedly influenced Rae Lil Black’s upbringing and cultural background.

Nationality: Japanese-American

Rae Lil Black holds dual nationality as a Japanese-American. This multicultural background allows her to connect with diverse audiences and embrace various perspectives.

Education: Pepperdine University in Los Angeles

Rae Lil Black pursued her education at Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. Although she ventured into a different career path, her educational background has contributed to her well-roundedness and ability to adapt to different situations.

Father: Daichi Tama Matsuzawa

Daichi Tama Matsuzawa is Rae Lil Black’s father. While not much information is publicly available about him, it’s evident that Rae Lil Black’s family has played a significant role in shaping her values and supporting her journey.

Mother: Ai Den Matsuzawa

Ai Den Matsuzawa is Rae Lil Black’s mother. Like her father, there is limited information about her publicly available. However, the love and support of her mother have undoubtedly influenced Rae Lil Black’s path to success.

Twitter: Rae Black Twitter

Rae Lil Black maintains an active presence on Twitter under the handle “Rae Black Twitter.” Through this platform, she engages with her fans, shares updates, and expresses her thoughts and opinions.

Youtube: Rae Black Youtube

Rae Lil Black’s YouTube channel, “Rae Black Youtube,” serves as a platform for her to connect with her audience on a more personal level. She shares vlogs, behind-the-scenes footage, and other engaging content that showcases her multifaceted personality.

Instagram: Rae Black Instagram

Rae Lil Black’s Instagram account, “Rae Black Instagram,” is a visual feast for her followers. With a carefully curated feed of captivating photos, she shares glimpses into her life, modeling projects, and adventures.

Personal Web: Rae Black Personal Web

Rae Lil Black has her own personal website, “Rae Black Personal Web,” where fans can find more information about her, explore her portfolio, and stay updated on her latest endeavors. The website serves as a centralized hub for her online presence.


In conclusion, Rae Lil Black is an exceptional talent who has established herself as a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry, modelin, and various other fields. With her captivating presence, versatility, and entrepreneurial spirit, she has garnered a dedicated fan base and achieved significant success. Rae Lil Black continues to inspire and entertain audiences around the world through her work, proving that she has what it takes to leave a lasting impact in the industry.

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